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Lömbihead - demo

We played a naked football match with these guys after our and their show last summer. Anyway, they play surf-post-punk music with hungarian lyrics. Download this demo and love them!

(photo by tamas bernath)

Lömbihead myspace:

01 Aszkéta vagyok
02 Atombomba
03 Az aszkéta bosszúja
04 Minden nő elvetél
05 Surfing Brain


Think Again - Unreachable

First download post. This band is a bit different from the ones I'm gonna post later, as they play hardcore with some metal riffs. But they are my friends and they're great - like the bands of the forthcoming posts. This stuff is brand new! Download, then buy it from here :

01 Can't Tread Me Down
02 Inheritable lost youth
03 The cobble where you spit is someone's home
04 Unreachable
05 The Last Prayer
06 Attacks and Defenses