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please do not send booking requests unless you are the murder city devils


V/A - A year of hungarian hardcore/punk/whatever scene (2012)

I made this 26-minute-long compilation mix with Hungary's finest punk related songs of 2012. It’s not like a "this is Hungarian punk/hardcore scene" compilation, just my favourite songs/bands from this year. I'm really glad that this mix turned out to be so colourful, it reflects well the colourfulness of our otherwise small scene. That's what I like in it! This was a very good year of Hungarian punk/rock. Enjoy this mixtape and feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you!



Cöldlook - II

This is the second Cöldlook record in a year. (Here's he first one and some info about the band) This one contains 7 songs, with less rawness but more darkness. Less rawness also true for the sound of the record, which means good here: This stuff sounds so much better than the first one however I loved that one too. They still mix hardcore/punk with folkpunk and some black metal elements very well. The last song - I think I can call it outro - is simply awesome, beautiful chaos. I'm in trouble with my year-end complilation mixtape, which Coldlook song could I put on it? This band is really one of the best new bands here, this year.





Wryness - Senki se hallja EP (demo)

I fell behind with this record, sorry it took so long.

So, Wryness is a four-piece hardcore/punk band from Budapest, from the friend community called "defekt punks". Back in time, about a year ago they had a lame name called Tekken, and a different singer and drummer and guitarist. That was like, 'okay dudes, it's fine, but it won't be my favourite band or something I'll like that much'. After the singer and the guitarist guy left the band I thought that they would cease to exist. But they continued practices with some new members and few months ago when I was lying at our common practice room they had a rehearsal and what I heard was surprisingly goood.
It is a mix of raw fastcore, best moments of darkish hardcore punk and some post-punk riffs, but it's not an overplayed boring stuff so the upshot is a very simple and great punk record. If they take themselves a bit seriously (or will continue to do it) they'll be a band whose show I will go to and/or I'll ask them to play at shows organized by us.





Defekt Dudes (booking)

Yo people of the Internet,

Since with a good friend of mine we've booked like 10 shows in the last two weeks for 2013 we thought it's reasonable to have a page to collect and promote our shows through it. also we both know how much hell it could be to find yourself shows in different countries so if you are playing awesome music and into the diy punk community just reach us. tell your friends!

confirmed shows. more to come!

2013. március 23. Budapest @ Trafik | RVIVR / DOGJAW / ASTPAI
2013. junius 10. Budapest @ Szabad az Á | CREEM / NUCLEAR SPRING
2013. szeptember 25. Budapest @ Trafik | NIGHT BIRDS

You can reach us here:
feel free to share.

- this is NOT a booking agency or some bullshit productions company. we are just two dudes in love with PUNK who are trying to book bands to hungary, BUDAPEST who we like. our modus operandi is DIY and punk. we prefer door deal shows but that doesn’t mean if the turnout is weak we won’t compensate your expenses with a honest fee. but bands should understand beyond promotion we can’t (and also don’t want to) control attention and attendance and we fucking hate marketing that is more than just us being enthusiastic about the bands/shows or when it's more like we are stalking people rather than simply informing everyone who would be interested in the specific events. we do this as non profit so the bands will get almost 100% from the door.

- we don’t like contracts we like mutual trust, we don’t like business school tour managers with their desires and riders we like bands to have fun, eat good food, sleep tight, party and have awesome shows. No pro shit. We provide food, accommodation, drinks to bands by punk, at punks for punks. Our goal is for bands to have fun and own memories of our city that have been worth to get have as an exchange for their time.

- we book bands who we like and not just bands who we already know. So if you are a band looking for a show and your music matches the sounds from the list of the groups we have already booked just feel free to write and we will give your music a listen. And if we can’t book you we can provide you contacts to other people who are doing shows here at budapest or all around in hungary.

up the punx!