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Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm - S/T demo

Another band from north-west hungary, from Pizza Days Records. Fast hardcore/punk as it's best, with smart hungarian lyrics. Their first show -i think it was their first- was awesome.

WSVRS myspace:

01 - Intro
02 - Disztópia
03 - A hegy
04 - Ármány
05 - Hagyaték
06 - Láncok



Youth Violence - Demo II.

Noisy and fast hardcore/punk from north-west hungary. they just arrived back from their east-european tour and now their new demo is here!

Youth Violence blog:

01 - Cadaver
02 - Hopeless Idealism
03 - Get of me
04 - Fuck
05 - I can't win
06 - If battles are traditional, killing is culture



Defekt-Scene; about hungarian punk in MRR #336

First of all: HEY! Hey for you, if you read about this blog in MRR. I said, there is a hungarian scene report in the new Maximumrockandroll issue. Written by Sofa King Viktor. The scans haven't got the best quality, so you can read it here:

(click on the pictures for bigger resolution)


Mind Your Step - 2011

The band we will go to tour with in 2 weeks. This records is brand new, will be released for that tour. They are still fast and raw. But they are harder than ever.

Mind Your Step site:

01 - Intro / Phone
02 - Marcenaries
03 - On your side
04 - Don't switch it on
05 - Everyrthing will be hushed up
06 - The quiet moments don't last long
07 - Neighbours
08 - Can't be positive


...the tour:


Veszprém County Undergorund

We have a new blog about our community in Veszprém County. Bands, tours, releases in magyar/english language.
You should check it out:

And there is an upcoming Hungarian scene report in the new MRR, covering "Defekt Punks". I am one of those guys called "Defekt Punks" so I am excited. Anyway, all of great hungarian bands are "Defekt Punks", so you will get a good scene report. I will share it with you when I will have a scan. You can but it here. (haha, i make an ad for Maximumrockandroll, they really need it from this small blog).


Dance or Die - split with The Balls of Justice (rus)

Some different /same tracks as on the split vinyl with PFA. This stuff if brand new too, released on tape.

Dance or Die!!! fb page:

01- Intro/Modernisation my ass, progress my hole
02 - Hanging
03 - Légszomj
04 - We counter weight / Outro



PFA / Dance or Die split 7"

Two of the bests hungarian punk bands have a new split for their upcoming european tour. Fast melodies, you just cant miss it. It is available on 7" with this beautiful cover art. Order it from awesome Dzsukhell Rekords.

PFA facebook page:
Dance or Die!!! fb page:


Dance or Die side.

01 - Make Me Disgusted
02 - Modernisation My Ass, Progress My Hole
03 - Music Industry
04 - We Counterweight
05 - It's All About Doing It In A Smart Way
06 - Fence (PFA cover)

P.F.A. side:

01 - Reservoir
02 - Smartass
03 - Flock
04 - Zuhanás (Dance or Die!!! cover)
05 - Fat Ugly Nazi
06 - Bridge