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PFA / Dance or Die split 7"

Two of the bests hungarian punk bands have a new split for their upcoming european tour. Fast melodies, you just cant miss it. It is available on 7" with this beautiful cover art. Order it from awesome Dzsukhell Rekords.

PFA facebook page:
Dance or Die!!! fb page:


Dance or Die side.

01 - Make Me Disgusted
02 - Modernisation My Ass, Progress My Hole
03 - Music Industry
04 - We Counterweight
05 - It's All About Doing It In A Smart Way
06 - Fence (PFA cover)

P.F.A. side:

01 - Reservoir
02 - Smartass
03 - Flock
04 - Zuhanás (Dance or Die!!! cover)
05 - Fat Ugly Nazi
06 - Bridge


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