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Rivers Run Dry - Songs from the split w/ BØREDØM

Hungarys' darkest band. Any argument is invalid.

This record isn't new, but somehow I forgot to post it. Okay, I just did not want to fuck up their money machine business with the vinyls, haha. So, Rivers Run Dry is really our darkest band, but they are nice guys anyway. They had some europe tours from squat to squat and they are awesome in live. They are the first so-called neocrust band in hungary as I know. I like to call it dark punk, just for being simple and because thier lovely D.I.Y. attitude. I remember when I listened to this vinyl first time. It was dark in my room and the first sounds made me goose bumps all over my body. During this my room was getting more dark, haha. So this record has this awesome dark athmosphere, you should try it. This 12" is relesed by Dzsukhell Records, which is runned by Rivers Run Dry members. (This download link contents only Rivers Run Dry side of the record.)

His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise





Positive Mind - Demo II

An old school hardcore band bacame noisy. Exciting, isn't it?

I'm not really into traditional old schol hardcore bands, bacause usually their sound is to clean/chemically pure and the usual lyrics topics aren't fits for me. Positive Mind was one of these oshc bands I dont really listen to, but they are dudes so i liked them a bit. They did their work right, but not my style, you know. A week ago they had a show with their new singer and I was there. I was curious, because I knew the new singer guy, he singed well in a band called Think Again before (in their early years). Their show was great! The PA stuff was a little bit lame, so the vocal was noisy, the guitars had dirty sound and I liked it very much in that way. They lost their clean oshc sound and became a noisy hardcore band. And I'm glad because their new demo still sound like that, so maybe they will stay on this crusty, noisy way. Ohh, and the lyrics are so much better as well.

Mindset, Blacklisted ...and a little bit Tragedy.




Hands Off - 2011

Fucked up teenage fun on the way!

These guys have fun during they singing about shitty things around us like ...fucked up kids with their problems. And they try to solve these problems with smoke weed, drink alcohol and skate all day or just ..solve them on the easiest ways. So this is a great record for house parties with your friends! Seriouly tough, they have a lot of meaningful things to say between the lines of the lyrics merged into this lovely teenage rebellion and fun. It really reminds of some of my favourite 80's punk bands' attitude.


Bones Brigade, Lost Boys, Circle Jerks ...etc





Suicide Pride - Visszafordíthatatlan

New stuff from the awesome Pizza Days Records.

Suicide Pride is a harcore band from the west side of Hungary. This record is like the older ones: Fast hardcore mixed with some new school hardcore style with nice punk attitude as it's best. And the result is something really honest and lovely thing. And do you think that these new school bands can't suprise you? Just listen to the last song. Don't hesitate, start download this stuff and start to destroy your dreams.

Highscore, Infest, Trial




Icaros - Icaros

Dark melodies, dark shirts, dark jeans, dark shoes ...and dark clishé.

Icaros is a new almost-allstar band from Budapest. This EP is their first release. What can i say? Fine record but it reminds me a Tragedy record I never heard so far. So if you listened to Tragedy before, you won't hear anything new. That's why it's just a "fine" record but not amazing or something like that. If you are into neo-crust/tragedy-crust let's give them a try. The songs are really well written anyway. Looking forward for the future releases.

Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, neocrust in general.




Wormkids - S/T

Surf up dudes cause here comes the Wormkids!

This is a brand new release with really old songs, some of them are already two years old. That's the problem with this record. I mean this is the only problem, the record sessions are waaaay toooo old and almost everybody heard these songs via myspace or tumblr.
But if you haven't heard from this band before, well I have to tell you, this is the finest lo-fi surf-punk band that Hungary can offer you. And yeah, this is the only one too, but hey, fuck it, this record is good.

instrumental surf punk, JFA, early Agent Orange




Padkarosda - Ékszer neked, vedd, edd

I like posting not well-known bands from the scene. Szati from A Párt showed me this little hidden gem a some month ago. It maybe has it's own flaws but I still found pleasure listening to Padkarosda.

It's always great to see when bands take influences from the past and their roots, especially when we are talking about Hungarian punk. Marina Revue is my favourite one, and this band probably take a lot of influence from them and it's good!
The singer's voice is like someone pointing a gun to his head but he still wanted to tell everyone to fuck off and eat shit, I love it! Meanwhile the guitars and the drum are not the best quality but it's still pretty good for a demo. The only problem is that you can not download this demo. Should I ask why? Should I care about it? Well fuck yes, cause they should allowed it us to download and listen a lot these tunes.

80's Hungarian punk, Marina Revue




A Párt

I've been keeping contact with Szati for a long time ago now, and since then we always shared our artistic shits with each-other, weather it's design, comics or music. When he first send the demos of his band I thought they are "cute" but that's all. Well, I have to change my ideas, cause their latest album gave me some surprises.

I've got the CD right here with me, it's got a really nice look, I love it. Clear and simply while a bit blurry and fuzzy at the same time, brilliant. But what about the music? Well I tell you, it's great. I know you can't believe me cause last time I saw this band I said they were bad but hey, it's good. I mean really, the quality and the songs, they are all good, and what is important: it's more then listenable! I enjoyed it listening their gloomy tunes.

80's hungarian punk, art-punk, early Sonic Youth, Killing Joke




Debt Trap

So you like obscurity? Check this post out, it's mainly about Debt Trap but I'll also mentioned another "band" later on.

Two dudes from The Tartuffe Plan are insane, they put out three REALLY LO-FI records in a few months since  August I guess. If they would make a record session with a cassette-dictaphone, Youth Attack would definitely put out a 7" from it.
I would love to see them live, cause their records are really interesting. They aren't good yet, but they will. I mean they've got the attitude, the balls and the creativity to do it. Hope they will release a good record really soon. Without a Red Line Offside cover. Cause. The. Last. One. Was. Sucks. Ass.
Until then, check out their latest album!

Vaccine, Sexdrome, Das Oath



Honecker Bosszúja / Sírgondozók

Wow, this is some serious shit. I mean this IS THE SHIT! After my previous post I thought it might be cool to dig in Hungary's unknown punk bands and look what I found: Honecker Bosszúja!

These guys made the best album in 2011 so far! Nothing extraordinary but they are still one of the most unique band in Hungary. It's like mixing 80's punk lyrics and attitude with syth-pop and Joy Division and some coldwave. The whole picture from them are really bizarre. I mean literally, look at them: best promo pictures ever! But hey, I almost forget to mention they have the best live performance concept, they are usually playing in attics:

They also have another mentionable project called Sírgondozók. It's much darker then Honecker Bosszúja, I also prefer this one a bit more because the cold tone. They don't have any album to download, just this song on youtube to listen.
These two bands are from Salgótarján, a really isolated city (I was born and grew up there), and bands like them give back the romantic of the city really nicely. I could take some twist and craziness in their music like in Nervous Gender or Phaida, but fuck it: they are still good without it.

Velvet Condom, Csermanek Lakótelep, synth-punk, coldwave, new-wave, minimal, post-punk, etc...




Los Vargitos - Alcohol Violence

This is a one man band, kind of "bedroom music", but not that you would really expect from that tag.
Los Vargitos operates with a tons of influences like black metal, punk and even some stoner elements - like QOTSA. Dávid, who is really Los Vargitos put out his first two songs EP a month ago, and it's really good. The first song kinda like mixing late 90's stoner shit with some dark tone and absurd lyrics; but then comes the second song, Trve Kvlt, Trve Glve - my favourite. It's a blast, it's a killer tune with true black metal punk blood in it's vein. Youth Attack should release this in a 7" or cassette tape, I swear.


Sexdrome, SQRM, Cult Ritual




Level Up! - Csak mész előre

To be honest, I don't really like this band. I don't hate it, and don't think it fucking sucks but... I dunno, i gave them a lot of try and a I still feel the same. You know what it is? Nothing.

But anyway, that's my opinion about Level Up!'s music, you should give them a try too! Brain Records, a fairly new DIY record label released their latest album on CD. It's pretty catchy, just look at the picture, right?
Anyway, the music is.. well... it is trying to be fast and straightforward hardcore. Uh, it is fast, and it's also straightforward in their own way but... I dunno, I miss something from the whole picture which I found in my previous post with Hold On Through All. I can not really explain what but something is still missing. Don't get me wrong, it's still a honest hardcore band with passionate and enthusiastic members, and they are getting better from every album to another but... I dunno.
But hey! YOU should give them a try, at least one listening, cause maybe the problem is with me.

Champion, oldschool hardcore in general




Hold On Through All - For Better Days

Yeah, some great old-school shit from north-Hungary, Miskolc! Somebody said that there are no more H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E. in Hungary. What the fuck dude, are you deaf? Listen to Hold On Through All!

Positvie mind, positive message, sometimes that's all we need. I remember the time when the scene was almost about this but now it's gone. I'm a bit sad about this but everything has to come to an end, but not for Hold On Through All!
This EP is out since march and nobody give a shit about it, why? It isn't that bad at all, in fact, it's pretty good.
If you are into "modern" youth crew, mixing with some rock elements and stuff, you gonna like this. Come on, give it a try! Don't worry, you can't download it, haha, so just listen them on their bandcamp site.

Champion, Better Than A Thousands, Ten Yard Fight, Stand and Fight




Look, It's A Giraffe! - The floor is lava

There's a party going on and you're not invited? Then listen to Look, It's A Giraffe!

I'm still not really into one man bedroom bands, but this band is cool, because doesn't try to sound like "a-one-man-bedroom-band". As I heard, they'll become a full band with new members and they'll have a show this month. I hope they will wear shoes during their show, because there's nothing that I hate more than scremo kids with barefoot singing about fake lonelyness. But I'm sure that they wont be like this, because their records are fine so far and he lyrics seems honest.
Floor is Lava is the second release of the band, here's the first.

90's emo/screamo, kneejerk, skramz




Human Error - 10 Reasons To Kill Your Boss and Destroy The Whole World

No.1 hungarian crust/d-beat/punk band's brand new 7'!

If you're into raw d-beat punk music or grind or whatever you should listen to Human Error. I'm not really into these type of punk music, but sometimes it's just the best way to stay normal and don't gonna be totally mad. Listen to them and feel the anger. The anger which connects us with the band, or just us, the people who are tired of the bullshit every day. These guys do this very simply and honestly and that's why are they so good at it.
Discharge, Amebix, Wolfbrigade


Fuseism - Keep Movin'

Hey, what's up everyone? It's me, Gäbriel, the new guy! I wanted to post something REALLY GREAT for my first post but I only got this shitty band. I mean my shitty band: Fuseism (ta-daaaa)

We play passionate "revolution summer like" punk with some shoegaze and noise elements, but I prefer to define our-self as "a punk band". We all share the passion of creating "things" in the band, from creating artworks through jamming to organizing shows. It's in our veins and we like it that way. We also like putting out records as fast as we can but take our time with the recording process at the same time, so we decide to switch from 6 or 8 songs albums to 2 songs EPs, and ta-daaa: here is our latest creaton. Next one is coming really soon.
By the way, full cover art included!

Embrace, One Last Wish, My Bloody Valentine, Fucked Up




The Stinky Divers - Video

Have I mentioned Discriminated? Yes, I guess I have in a post before. Hopefully they'll continue their project band, The Stinky Divers. Maybe not, but here is a video from the rehearsal room. They would be/are/gonna be great.

Discriminated - Bad Things Come In Threes

First of all, sad news: This band broke up. They recorded these songs after their last album in their rehearsal room. So this is a great goodbye.

Discriminated page:

01 - Deadcopsaregoodcops
02 - Feelings and how to destroy them
03 - Necrophile
04 - Rotting away
05 - Closure



Libido Wins / Hanoi split

New split release of two great hungarian bands. If you checked the blog before may you're familiar with these bands. This release is about screamo meets hardcorepunk.

Libido Wins:

01 - Hanoi - Ennyi maradt
02 - Hanoi - Hazafelé
03 - Hanoi - Nyíl utca

01 - Libido Wins - The Stendhal syndrome of us wasting away
02 - Libido Wins - (Endless cycle of aching 'déja vu's)
03 - Libido Wins - Everyday Kalopsia



Formyfriends - Budapest's Worst Dancers

These guys always warm my heart up with their music and the passion and sincerity in their music. The title of this EP says it all - This is pop punk from a place where the sun doesn't shine at all.


01 - Budapest's Worst Dancers
02 - What Would Jesus Not Do
03 - Rewriting History
04 - The Art of Not Giving a Crap
05 - Being the Biggest Asshole Never Goes Out of Style
06 - The Undeniable Benefits of Not Growing Up in Jersey
07 - Ghost World
08 - Blink 182 is my Coldplay
09 - Bad Times, Pirate Hats, Low Serotonin
10 - A Mosolyod Mögött



The Tartuffe Plan - 00000000014%

Awesome emo/indie band with punk attitude. Nothing else, just some desperated kids from a desperated city. "The Tartuffe Plan is more noisy than you mom".

Tartuffe Plan:

01 - Forever Untitled
02 - Afraid of Trapping Feet
03 - Permanent Loser
04 - F.U.B.A.R.
05 - Conclusion



Positive Mind - Self Titled

This band is also from Veszprém County, they are the representatives of old-school hardcore here. I am not a big fan of o.s.h.c. but they do it with passion and it's so respectable. So i am happy to put up them here. And of course they are nice guys.

Positive Mind blog:

01 - Intro
02 - Név Nélkül
03 - Igazi Színek
04 - Döntések
05 - Mindaz Amit Tesztek
06 - Kényszerképzet
07 - Kevés
08 - Walk Together
09 - Outro


Videos - Bands without records

There are two new bands who haven't got records yet. Both bands are from Szeged or as they call it, Szöged. And both bands have same members with Rákosi. You know, the angriest magyars.

Kemény Henrik - live @ Budapest, 2011. 05. 30. (first show)

Imperial Spies
- live @ Budapest, 2011. 05. 30.


Larry Kubiac - Blood Constellation

Do you remember Larry from Parker Lewis Can't Lose? Yeah, they are as tough as Larry was. Maybe a bit too tough for my taste, but damn, I like these guys.

Larry Kubiac page:

01 - Overrun
02 - Setback
03 - Hate the Seductive
04 - The Upper Ten
05 - Not Our War
06 - Rich Kids Playing Revolution
07 - Backwardness
08 - Plaugerinders
09 - Force to Buy
10 - Blood Constellation
11 - Bonus Track



Discriminated - 426 words for you

Fast and fucked up kids from Veszprém County are back! Here is their second record. This one is faster, shorter, louder.

Discriminated myspace:

01 - Intro
02 - Rats Leave the Sinking ship
03 - Tumbleweed
04 - Church of Greed
05 - Anxiety
06 - Mean Streets
07 - Never Mind the Man Behind the Curtain
08 - Shit City
09 - Doomsday



Öt Percünk Maradt / Look, It's a Giraffe! split

A rare thing: I don't know the members of these bands! I just found them on youtube and they are great. They are two hardcore/punk bands wih some screamo influences and poetic lyrics from North-East Hungary. I hope I will hear about them soon again. This split is a very new release, get it!

Öt Percünk Maradt page:
Look, It's a Giraffe page:

Look, It's a Giraffes' part:
01 - Postcards from Halloween
02 - William eventually Saw the Sailboat
03 - Never Dreamed About You'd Leave in Summer

Öt Percünk Maradts' part:
01 - Tüzijáték
02 - Háromra Mindenki Meztelen
03 - Vizigót Vasárnapok (Rettegett Iván Cover)


Wolf Shaped Clouds - Demo

The best (and the only) hungarian screamo band with good punk attitude. Okay, not the only but they are a bit different from Libido Wins. Awesome guitar riffs and fucked up shouting, who needs more?

WSC page:

01 - Rotting Sea
02 - Sleepless Dreams
03 - Remember the Ghost
04 - Commencement
05 - Howard Zinn



Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm - S/T demo

Another band from north-west hungary, from Pizza Days Records. Fast hardcore/punk as it's best, with smart hungarian lyrics. Their first show -i think it was their first- was awesome.

WSVRS myspace:

01 - Intro
02 - Disztópia
03 - A hegy
04 - Ármány
05 - Hagyaték
06 - Láncok



Youth Violence - Demo II.

Noisy and fast hardcore/punk from north-west hungary. they just arrived back from their east-european tour and now their new demo is here!

Youth Violence blog:

01 - Cadaver
02 - Hopeless Idealism
03 - Get of me
04 - Fuck
05 - I can't win
06 - If battles are traditional, killing is culture



Defekt-Scene; about hungarian punk in MRR #336

First of all: HEY! Hey for you, if you read about this blog in MRR. I said, there is a hungarian scene report in the new Maximumrockandroll issue. Written by Sofa King Viktor. The scans haven't got the best quality, so you can read it here:

(click on the pictures for bigger resolution)


Mind Your Step - 2011

The band we will go to tour with in 2 weeks. This records is brand new, will be released for that tour. They are still fast and raw. But they are harder than ever.

Mind Your Step site:

01 - Intro / Phone
02 - Marcenaries
03 - On your side
04 - Don't switch it on
05 - Everyrthing will be hushed up
06 - The quiet moments don't last long
07 - Neighbours
08 - Can't be positive


...the tour:


Veszprém County Undergorund

We have a new blog about our community in Veszprém County. Bands, tours, releases in magyar/english language.
You should check it out:

And there is an upcoming Hungarian scene report in the new MRR, covering "Defekt Punks". I am one of those guys called "Defekt Punks" so I am excited. Anyway, all of great hungarian bands are "Defekt Punks", so you will get a good scene report. I will share it with you when I will have a scan. You can but it here. (haha, i make an ad for Maximumrockandroll, they really need it from this small blog).


Dance or Die - split with The Balls of Justice (rus)

Some different /same tracks as on the split vinyl with PFA. This stuff if brand new too, released on tape.

Dance or Die!!! fb page:

01- Intro/Modernisation my ass, progress my hole
02 - Hanging
03 - Légszomj
04 - We counter weight / Outro



PFA / Dance or Die split 7"

Two of the bests hungarian punk bands have a new split for their upcoming european tour. Fast melodies, you just cant miss it. It is available on 7" with this beautiful cover art. Order it from awesome Dzsukhell Rekords.

PFA facebook page:
Dance or Die!!! fb page:


Dance or Die side.

01 - Make Me Disgusted
02 - Modernisation My Ass, Progress My Hole
03 - Music Industry
04 - We Counterweight
05 - It's All About Doing It In A Smart Way
06 - Fence (PFA cover)

P.F.A. side:

01 - Reservoir
02 - Smartass
03 - Flock
04 - Zuhanás (Dance or Die!!! cover)
05 - Fat Ugly Nazi
06 - Bridge



Karst - Cleaning a cave

They call themselves extreme rock or death metal, but they are not. Fastcore/hardcorepunk mixed with some death metal drum stuff, some funky bass and the upshot is a very dark record with good lyrics.

Karst myspace:

01 - Kettős
02 - Oltalmazó
03 - Beteg
04 - Megbomlott
05 - Halandó
06 - Közös
07 - Étlen
08 - Bead a part
09 - Jövő



Fuseism - Hesdeadjim EP

Fuseisms' brand ep with 2 great songs which are still killing from the (chorus) heart. One of the greatest moments so far was to watch them play in a basement. Get it!

Fuseism page:

01 - Avoid
02 - He's dead Jim!



Rákosi - III.

Do you remember to the angriest magyars? Here is the third release!

Rákosi myspace:

01 - Végrendelet
02 - Bekapkodunk, elkapkodunk
03 - Földbárók
04 - A világ nem változik
05 - Talicska
06 - Hortobágyi Berettyó


Fuseism video

Hey dudes, awesome hungarian band called Fuseism (demo tape here) have a new video. They will release a new record soon as well. Check/Love: