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Padkarosda - Ékszer neked, vedd, edd

I like posting not well-known bands from the scene. Szati from A Párt showed me this little hidden gem a some month ago. It maybe has it's own flaws but I still found pleasure listening to Padkarosda.

It's always great to see when bands take influences from the past and their roots, especially when we are talking about Hungarian punk. Marina Revue is my favourite one, and this band probably take a lot of influence from them and it's good!
The singer's voice is like someone pointing a gun to his head but he still wanted to tell everyone to fuck off and eat shit, I love it! Meanwhile the guitars and the drum are not the best quality but it's still pretty good for a demo. The only problem is that you can not download this demo. Should I ask why? Should I care about it? Well fuck yes, cause they should allowed it us to download and listen a lot these tunes.

80's Hungarian punk, Marina Revue




  1. Nagyon jó, de hogy lehet ezt letölteni?

  2. Sajnos nem lehet letölteni, mert a banda nincs vele megelégedve, ezért csak hallgatni valónak rakták fel. Talán nem olyan sokára lesz új anyag, amit majd letölthetővé raknak.

  3. Már kész az első album.