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Honecker Bosszúja / Sírgondozók

Wow, this is some serious shit. I mean this IS THE SHIT! After my previous post I thought it might be cool to dig in Hungary's unknown punk bands and look what I found: Honecker Bosszúja!

These guys made the best album in 2011 so far! Nothing extraordinary but they are still one of the most unique band in Hungary. It's like mixing 80's punk lyrics and attitude with syth-pop and Joy Division and some coldwave. The whole picture from them are really bizarre. I mean literally, look at them: best promo pictures ever! But hey, I almost forget to mention they have the best live performance concept, they are usually playing in attics:

They also have another mentionable project called Sírgondozók. It's much darker then Honecker Bosszúja, I also prefer this one a bit more because the cold tone. They don't have any album to download, just this song on youtube to listen.
These two bands are from Salgótarján, a really isolated city (I was born and grew up there), and bands like them give back the romantic of the city really nicely. I could take some twist and craziness in their music like in Nervous Gender or Phaida, but fuck it: they are still good without it.

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