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Ninpulators - Demo II

Another half of Something Against You is here with Balazs Pandi behind the drums. They just arrived back from their eu tour with Rákosi. This demo released on the first date of tour in my hometown - fuck yea. They play simple fuckedup hardcorepunk with great lyrics. Enjoy!

Ninpulators myspace:

01 - Lust under cover
02 - Scene 84'
03 - Deorganized dudes
04 - Még mindig ez
05 - Jó vicc
06 - Halálkultusz
07 - Gyilkos állam, gyilkos szar
08 - Ghost Costume



Plan Beer - Séta

This is my band's brand new EP. We recorded it in our singer's house in july. 6 songs, including a Marina Revue cover. I really can't say anything about our music. We just want to do it as hard as we can. Lyrics are about walking home drunk at the dawn, hating middle-core punks and people and searching for the cheap escapes.

Plan Beer myspace:

01 - Intro / Szellem
02 - Séta
03 - Elvtelenség
04 - Jelentéktelen
05 - Őrizd a békét (Marina Revue)
06 - Múlt, Jelen, Jövő



Young Arsenal - Demo

Another all star project band, with members of Formyfriends, Fuseism, and Karak. 3 guys, 3 vocals, awesome guitar voice. (The guitarist guy loves Adorno, End of a Year, and these type of indie/hardcorepunk bands, heh) Hungarian songs about emotional side of being homeless or a comsumer working class hero without any hope. My new favourite.

Young Arsenal page:

01 - Politikai bűntársak
02 - Epikus szublimáció
03 - Mindenki maradjon a helyén
04 - Fedél nélkül
05 - Nemzeti vízfej
06 - Csinovnyiki csendélet


Rákosi - II.

The angriest "magyars" are back! They are still hard and raw. That's all. Rákosi before on the blog.

Rákosi myspace:

01 - Olaszliszka
02 - Kaparósok
03 - Politikusok
04 - Hogy jutottunk idáig
05 - Pusztulunk, gurulunk
06 - Csoki felmond
07 - Morvai és Vona
08 - Digép
09 - Zsolti