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Discriminated - Discriminated

Another fucked up teenage band, their first show was a week ago in my hometown, yeah. If you like fast parts of Kid Dynamite mixed with raw, fast punk from the 80'... -one two fuck you- let's download it!
If you want to support them, buy it on cd (picture below)! Write to discriminated(at)

Discriminated myspace:

01 - Manipulators
02 - Masquerade
03 - Believe in Yourself
04 - Sick and Tired
05 - Fossil Fuels
06 - Commit Suicide
07 - Carreerist People + bonus track


Semmi Komoly - Loss Fills The Air

The cursor is just flashing and i can't write anything from Semmi Komoly. I love them, one of the greatest hungarian bands. Underground version of old Rise Against and Anti-Flag, inspired by bands like Choking Victim and The Clash. Fast melodies, poignant guitar riffs and vocals with personal engish lyrics. Support them with buying their cd: skmarci(at)

Semmi Komoly myspace:

01 - Repression analysis
02 - Post war trauma
03 - Stolen moments
04 - Look into these eyes
05 - Loss fills the air
06 - The uncomfortable deathbed + bonus track