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Kemény Henrik preview

Melodic punk with Hot Snakes, Haram and Lifetime in their veins.
This project is currently under mixing by Daniel Husayn. Ya know, that cool dude with glasses from Red Dons, check out his blog too:


Fuseism - Downloading Is Freedom

Yeah I know, I was a bit too lazy these months to take care about the blog. But Buda dude did a great job, so what?

Anyway, here is a new clip from my band, Fuseism. It's also a preview from our new upcoming two songs EP.



The Past

As you probably know this blog pays attention to new hungarian punk related records and bands. If you are interested about old hungarian stuff, visit this blog (written in english as well)

The late 70's and the 80's was a very interesting period, during the dark, fucked up, dictatorical socialism.


Liberal Youth - Mindenki nézi, senki sem látja (2011)

Ivans' first post about his homies, Liberal Youth.

As I know Liberal Youth wasn’t here before, so first of all I should write some info about them: The band was formed in 1995 at Szombathely and they are still one of the most significant old school hardcore bands of the SCHC community. They broke up at 1999 but after couple of years of years they reformed with some new members. We had to wait for 6 years for this new record which was released in the end of 2011 with 9 new songs. The sound quality has a lot of critisicm (rehearsal room record) but I think it’s okay and it's fits to the genre. The bigger problem for me are the songs. They’re not as good as the last record called „Pénzért haszonért”. Of course the new record also include some great songs, like „Senkitol nem kell semmi” , „Bármit teszel” or „Ki a mélybol” and you can find punkish, harder hardcore songs and fastcore song as well, so this isn't a boring stuff, just simply not as good as the last one. You should see them live, because the records can’t represent the real power of Liberal Youth.
Ps: I miss the old drummer, Kei from the band who is probably th ebest drummer of hungary.

97A, Warzone, Rain On The Parade

WEB: (magyar)




Cvlt of Grace - S/T

Brand new band from South-West Hungary.

As I know this band was formed by the members of New Direction, a band which mostly played covers of older hardcore bands' songs. Honestly, when I heard about Cvlt of Grace first time and I watched their video I put them down as a hipster-screamo-hardcore band. Why hipster? Because of the word "cvlt" and the layout of their profile with those fucking triangles. I hope they won't draw upside-down crosses everywhere. I'm just fed up with these fashionable symbols. But their songs are good. Really. So much better than their "image". I hope they will drop this bullshit they built around themselves and they'll be just a great darkish hardcore band. They won't be my new favourite, but they've really exceeded my expactations.

Blacklisted, Rise & Fall mixed with I Adapt