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Cvlt of Grace - S/T

Brand new band from South-West Hungary.

As I know this band was formed by the members of New Direction, a band which mostly played covers of older hardcore bands' songs. Honestly, when I heard about Cvlt of Grace first time and I watched their video I put them down as a hipster-screamo-hardcore band. Why hipster? Because of the word "cvlt" and the layout of their profile with those fucking triangles. I hope they won't draw upside-down crosses everywhere. I'm just fed up with these fashionable symbols. But their songs are good. Really. So much better than their "image". I hope they will drop this bullshit they built around themselves and they'll be just a great darkish hardcore band. They won't be my new favourite, but they've really exceeded my expactations.

Blacklisted, Rise & Fall mixed with I Adapt




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