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Lömbihead video

Do you remember to Lömbihead? They are pretty good in live:

Lömbihead - 2 songs / secret show @ budapest on april 4th 2010


Libido Wins - The Outcasts of Outcasts

Hm, it's always hard to define their music, maybe the best definition is 'screamo' vocals with indie/punk music, something like American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost/Panic/Sex Positions.
This album was recorded last year, but it has been released recently. They deserve much more attention than they recieve. Maybe after this record. I hope.

Libido Wins myspace:

01 - Here's to the citizens of queerdom...
02 - False invocation for fallen poets
03 - The outcasts of outcasts
04 - Tabula rasa (the interlude)
05 - Past,present,future tenses are the same
06 - At 3 am we hang heads
07 - Sons, dreams, homes
08 - And here's to our never-ending goodbyes sent to them...



Fuseism - demo tape

Brand new band with the members of Säw, Think Again and Wormkids. Pretty good quality for a demo tape. If you like surfpunk and indiepunk riffs with sad lyrics 'from the heart, with the mind, through the soul' and chaotic but(and) great jams, well you will love this one.

Fuseism myspace:

01 - Believers of Fuseism - Kick out the Hungarian jam
02 - I saw the sea
03 - Ultrablast (interlude)
04 - Hero
05 - The way I do it
06 - Ultrablast # 2 (interlude)
07 - Emil Kraepelin


PFA / Plan Beer live video

This is not an another download post, i just want to demonstrate how cool I am: -ok i am not cool, but the situation was-.

the photo was taken in nancy @ soap box club's toilet on the pfa / plan beer euro tour. like this video from paris: