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V/A - A year of hungarian hardcore/punk/whatever scene (2013)

This year I was too lazy for writing posts for every good record, but I made this ~27-minute-long compilation mix with Hungary's finest punk related songs of 2013. I need to mention again: It’s not like a "this is Hungarian punk/hardcore scene" compilation, just my favourite songs/bands from this year. I'm really glad that this mix turned out to be so colourful again, it reflects well the colourfulness of our otherwise small scene. That's what I like in it! Enjoy this mixtape and feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you!




Huge update #1

I had a long break during the summer and the autumn due to giving a fuck about blogging and some work around boring places. I collected some records I missed (and some brand new ones) into two unusual, recapitulative posts. So this is what happened so far:


Every time when Another Way has a new record I have to ralize that they are the best hungarian band. They are really perfect. It's fast, it's dark and depressive but not that hipster bullshit stuff. Real hardcore/punk, maybe this time with too much metallic influences, but they are still amazing. Besides music, their lyrics makes them one of the bests bands. Ok, sometimes a bit to much conspiration theory influence (no chemtrails at least) but the messase is still like what you want to sing along with clenched hands. Perfect record as always.


Summer is over but bummer is still on. This bands is still funny for me - there is a guy who can't stand any melodic music, only listening to fast blast whatever harsh noise (maybe some fast hardcore punk on the happiest days) and once somebody shows him a Dino Jr record. I really want to think that this band formed like this. What I like very much in them it is that they are always unpredictable. I mean they're playing in a style but they always had new ideas and those are turning out always well: rap sessions? check. covering a classic metal song about the lord of the rings? check. rudimantari peny cover? check. Who knows what's next, but this is what goes on.:


As Think Again slowly evolved from a youth crew hardcore band to a metallic hardcore band, they get better and better. Too bad, that their new record is the last one as well as the band had the last show last month. So, these three songs are the top product - for me - of the years of Think Again. Maybe this is the right time for splitting up - the members have some new(er) bands (Mudpie, Fuseism, Exterminating Angel, Wasted Struggle ..etc), some of them are better than TA, some of them aren't, it's a question of musical taste. RIP.



New EP of our band. It was like the Chinese Democracy for us. I don't like to write about our stuff so... This EP is definitely Shorter Faster and Louder than the demo, if you know what I mean. Destroy pop punk forever.



Knife-wielding, psycho-noisy hardcore, which on the one hand reflects to the dark and cold side of living in budapest as a bookworm pizza-lover drunky punk and on the other hand it shows the simplicity of survive on this place. Ok, maybe I overcomplicated this a bit, maybe they are really just knife-wielding, pizza lover beerhardcore dudes. But it's a fact that their shows are my favs these days. This record also came out on a 7" vinyl (it's rare thing in hungary) with the help of Permaculture Records.



A demo with one of my fav Hot Snakes song's cover?? Yes! A new band with Hot Snakes sound in Hungary? Finally! This demo is brand new, just came out yesterday. I don't know much about them, I hope I'll when they will start playing live shows next year.



Huge update #2 is coming in 2 weeks, I guess..

Here is a video about a great day we had some weeks ago.


Zen Fascists - We Will Control You (demo)

ZF is the band we started with my oldest-best-friends after our band, Plan Beer - which was our first real band ever - stopped playing music actively. Our drummer moved to az another country, we moved to Budapest, but we still wanted to playing music together. Okay, we had still-born projects (guys gonna kill me for this) but after all we started writing songs and practice them from week to week. Some months later we recorded this demo and get a new guy for playing bass and to make the band complete. Thats all, I don't really like to talking about my babies. We'll have some cool shows with cool bands in the next weeks.



Angstfilled - Demo

Angfilled is a special thing for me. We started this band at the end of August in 2011, then we played our first show in October with RVIVR. That was the last show for me, because I left the band after it. But that was a great period, in spite of being a short one. The band kinda split up and nothing happened until some weeks ago when the guys said that they would record the songs we wrote and maybe would play shows again. This demo was released some days ago, and we played a show together (I mean Angstfilled and my band) last Saturday. So Angstfilled is active again, maybe they'll take a new guitarist too. To be honest it's a good thing to hear these songs again. Even if they were kinda too melodic for me, I liked (and still like) them.
I like when poppunk bands have balls and when it's not just about picking up girls in nice hats. Punk is a serious tag. I had the pleasure to see poppy kids playing their poseour catchy stuff and call themselves pop-punk. Yes, maybe I am a grumpy old man, but there needs to be something behind punk, and I always feel that I have to defent poppunk (hahaha) against the trends. I just wanted to say, that Angstfilled have balls. That's all.




Tumo - Tumo (demo)

Tumo is the new formation of the Lömbihead guys with a new drummer and some position changes on guitars. Wow, I'm really impressed. They kept the cigarette-cheap alcohol-boredom smell in their lyrics-and attitude, which was the essence of Lömihead, but the music has became something better: fine indie(sorrysorrysorry)-proto-drug-punk jamming that reminds me of Milk Music a bit (I mean the guitar sound mostly). Okay it could be because I listened to Milk Music's new record today too.
These are the guys who will brake your guitar in the practice room during drunk jamming but you can't be mad at them. One of these guys was always late from work (yeah we were employees together in a warehouse) and told me his sex stories while he was still half drunk. Well I spoke about the guitar player / singer here, however, the bass player is one of the modest guys I know, haha.
So I'm glad that these lovely guys are doing a band together again. I remember how Lömbihead impressed me when I heard their demo for the first time, but I can say that Tumo is even better. I missed their first practice room show, but I heard that they are awesome live. If they are as crazy as Lömbi was, this band will be one of my new favs.


Rákosi - IV.

Hey, as usual, I just want to say: The hardest magyars are back! The hardest magyars are back! 4 and a half minutes of heavy moonshine drinking in the hungarian lowland, called Alföld.


(photo: tamas barnath)



Diskobra - Diskobra

Diskobra is a one man project with some help on drums, but as I know it will be a full band in the future. What could I say about this record? If you heard fine d-beat crusty hardcorepunk before then you heard this one too. But I mean this on a positive way, you know, you'll get what you expect: short, raw punk songs about the bullshit around you day by day, between gray block of flats on the dark weekdays without any hope to escape. You know, just the basic things, haha. This is why this record is awesome. On the one hand you'll get what you expect, but this is what d-beat punk is all about. On the other hand this stuff stands out from the rest, well,  for me.
The 'brain' of this record could be familiar for you from the finest hungarian raw punk band Human Error. Suprising? So if you need some new anthems to sing (too bad for non-hungarians) or just shake your fists for some words you understand, or event just for the killer d-beat rhytm, here's what you need. Also good for the public transport on the way to your workplace - trust me, I've tried.




Mudpie - S/T Demo

Mudpie is the newest of the new bands here, formed from members of Think Again / Dance or DieFake Shakes / Fuseism...etc. I'm glad that new bands are forming here all the time, especially when they're trying to make something new. I mean something new inside the border of our country of course. Think the raw version of bands like Lumber Lung, Fox Reactions: female fronted hardcore punk with hard influences of the members' other bands (some indie guitar playing from Fuseism or some hardcore riffing from Thing Again). I missed their first show last weekend in our common practice room, but my friends said they are pretty good. This demo could be one of the best things here in 2013. Yess, I know, I say this every year... but whatever, this is a cool stuff.

 (pic: Gabor Radi @ defekt hq)


Norms - Demo

Norms is a brand new, four-piece band from Budapest. They play psycho noisy hardcore while they transform themselves into astral-bodies. But they're lovely people anyway. To be serious, probably this is the best thing what came out from the place called "defekt hq" which is our common practice place in the suburbs of the dark and cold Budapest. This is a nice place for punks. It's easy to be a punk in California but the real deal is Budapest. This is what I feel when I listen to punk records on the trams and metros in the city and this is what I felt this morning while I listened to this record on the way to my workplace. I'm glad that this band is formed, it wasn't easy (oh, I mean quick), but finally they are here and play that type of hardcore/punk what I missed a long time ago here and they do it well. That simply and noisy hardcore I mentioned before. It's especially a good thing in Hungary where the hardcore mainly interpreted as chemically pure new school moshy riffing and tough tattooed youth crew with elitist attitude. Now, here are some dudes playing real hardcore harder and angrier that all of those bands.
Of course I can't miss to mention the singer, Viktor’s first band called Something Against You (which broke up in 2009). He wrote that maybe this band will be his "comeback", however he has had bands since S.A.Y. Ninpulators was great too, but yes, maybe this is it! The band also has common members with my 2012-favourite hungarian band, Piss Crystals.
Also need to mention that the singer and the guitarist guy are living together in a little flat. They have a fanzine out, and also they host the best sleepover blackout parties.

(pic: Lorant Nagy)