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Angstfilled - Demo

Angfilled is a special thing for me. We started this band at the end of August in 2011, then we played our first show in October with RVIVR. That was the last show for me, because I left the band after it. But that was a great period, in spite of being a short one. The band kinda split up and nothing happened until some weeks ago when the guys said that they would record the songs we wrote and maybe would play shows again. This demo was released some days ago, and we played a show together (I mean Angstfilled and my band) last Saturday. So Angstfilled is active again, maybe they'll take a new guitarist too. To be honest it's a good thing to hear these songs again. Even if they were kinda too melodic for me, I liked (and still like) them.
I like when poppunk bands have balls and when it's not just about picking up girls in nice hats. Punk is a serious tag. I had the pleasure to see poppy kids playing their poseour catchy stuff and call themselves pop-punk. Yes, maybe I am a grumpy old man, but there needs to be something behind punk, and I always feel that I have to defent poppunk (hahaha) against the trends. I just wanted to say, that Angstfilled have balls. That's all.



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