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V/A - A year of hungarian hardcore/punk/whatever scene (2012)

I made this 26-minute-long compilation mix with Hungary's finest punk related songs of 2012. It’s not like a "this is Hungarian punk/hardcore scene" compilation, just my favourite songs/bands from this year. I'm really glad that this mix turned out to be so colourful, it reflects well the colourfulness of our otherwise small scene. That's what I like in it! This was a very good year of Hungarian punk/rock. Enjoy this mixtape and feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you!



Cöldlook - II

This is the second Cöldlook record in a year. (Here's he first one and some info about the band) This one contains 7 songs, with less rawness but more darkness. Less rawness also true for the sound of the record, which means good here: This stuff sounds so much better than the first one however I loved that one too. They still mix hardcore/punk with folkpunk and some black metal elements very well. The last song - I think I can call it outro - is simply awesome, beautiful chaos. I'm in trouble with my year-end complilation mixtape, which Coldlook song could I put on it? This band is really one of the best new bands here, this year.





Wryness - Senki se hallja EP (demo)

I fell behind with this record, sorry it took so long.

So, Wryness is a four-piece hardcore/punk band from Budapest, from the friend community called "defekt punks". Back in time, about a year ago they had a lame name called Tekken, and a different singer and drummer and guitarist. That was like, 'okay dudes, it's fine, but it won't be my favourite band or something I'll like that much'. After the singer and the guitarist guy left the band I thought that they would cease to exist. But they continued practices with some new members and few months ago when I was lying at our common practice room they had a rehearsal and what I heard was surprisingly goood.
It is a mix of raw fastcore, best moments of darkish hardcore punk and some post-punk riffs, but it's not an overplayed boring stuff so the upshot is a very simple and great punk record. If they take themselves a bit seriously (or will continue to do it) they'll be a band whose show I will go to and/or I'll ask them to play at shows organized by us.





Defekt Dudes (booking)

Yo people of the Internet,

Since with a good friend of mine we've booked like 10 shows in the last two weeks for 2013 we thought it's reasonable to have a page to collect and promote our shows through it. also we both know how much hell it could be to find yourself shows in different countries so if you are playing awesome music and into the diy punk community just reach us. tell your friends!

confirmed shows. more to come!

2013. március 23. Budapest @ Trafik | RVIVR / DOGJAW / ASTPAI
2013. junius 10. Budapest @ Szabad az Á | CREEM / NUCLEAR SPRING
2013. szeptember 25. Budapest @ Trafik | NIGHT BIRDS

You can reach us here:
feel free to share.

- this is NOT a booking agency or some bullshit productions company. we are just two dudes in love with PUNK who are trying to book bands to hungary, BUDAPEST who we like. our modus operandi is DIY and punk. we prefer door deal shows but that doesn’t mean if the turnout is weak we won’t compensate your expenses with a honest fee. but bands should understand beyond promotion we can’t (and also don’t want to) control attention and attendance and we fucking hate marketing that is more than just us being enthusiastic about the bands/shows or when it's more like we are stalking people rather than simply informing everyone who would be interested in the specific events. we do this as non profit so the bands will get almost 100% from the door.

- we don’t like contracts we like mutual trust, we don’t like business school tour managers with their desires and riders we like bands to have fun, eat good food, sleep tight, party and have awesome shows. No pro shit. We provide food, accommodation, drinks to bands by punk, at punks for punks. Our goal is for bands to have fun and own memories of our city that have been worth to get have as an exchange for their time.

- we book bands who we like and not just bands who we already know. So if you are a band looking for a show and your music matches the sounds from the list of the groups we have already booked just feel free to write and we will give your music a listen. And if we can’t book you we can provide you contacts to other people who are doing shows here at budapest or all around in hungary.

up the punx!


Things and stuff

In some weeks Wryness will release their demo, which will "debut" here on my blog. It's a serious thing, we discussed it with my good friend, who's the singer in the band. We were in that happy-drunk mode in a practice room show, and this sounded as an awesome plan. Maybe I'll do this eventually with other cool bands, if they'll be interested. So, the main thing is that here's the first song of their demo:



PFA - Pigheart

To be honest, the last PFA record I liked was their last LP called God Squats Us All. The split 7" with Dance or Die wasn't bad, but those songs weren't that great as the older ones (for me). But yeah, ’God Squats Us All’ was my favourite. Since then they’ve released some EP's and split records, but as I wrote those ones didn't really hit the bar.

But they're back with a ’studio album’ which finally sounds as the old ones I liked much. I'm not a sound-nazi, in fact, I prefer noisy-punk-mistery much more than clean sounded music, but this is the sound that fits them. The P.F.A. sound. Angry, insane, wild one-finger-solos, fast, raw but sometimes melodic tunes. Anyhow, the thing is that we have a common band member. 



Buda (I shouldn't write my name here anymore, because I'm the only one who writes the posts)

Fanzine #1 - Neon Skinheads in Electric Wheelchairs

First of all: Since I was so lazy during the summer, I failed to post some records. To keep this blog updated, I won't dig back to those records that I failed to post here, I'll focus only on the new ones. The ones that I like. I'm planning to make a year-end compilation this year as well, so you will probably find some songs from the so far unposted records, too.

After this pathetic apology, here's something hot and exciting:
Two friends of mine made a fanzine together. They're flat-, band-, and soulmates, killing a lot of time together, sometimes with positive outcomes, like this zine' (or some tasty fried egg). As one of them (Ferenc) is very good at drawing, and the other guy (Viktor) likes to write, they put their best known abilities together into this fanzine: Ferenc made some great drawing and Viktor wrote his thoughts next to them. Simple concept, and the end result is simply honest and sometimes honestly disgusting. But what else could I write about my friend's fanzine. It's really great, killer truths about other guys’ girlfriends, about themselves, and the party killer comics are really weird, but they're funny when those situations come up. So, I just wanted to inform you about this awesome zine.

Here are some boring data:
96 pages / B5 size / printed / black&white / written in english
let them buy some pizza: vargyai.viktor[@]

you can check two pages here and here.



Piss Crystals - Harn-Chemikalien wunderbare Gedichten 1. (demo)

Yeah, I was lazy during the summer. I'm still lazy, but I will post some new records. Maybe less than before, because as I plan I will write about only my favourite ones. 

Last year with my probably-dead band we had our probably-best long weekend with some great hungarian bands in East-Hungary. Those were the first two shows of these guys. They played something space-acid-punk-rock on some cheap pedals. I really couldn't identify what I see/hear, but I liked it. Later a bass player joined them (who's a very good friend of mine and also the bass player in our band I mentinoned before) and they started to play the same songs from show to show. (against their original plan, as they'll play new songs on every show). And those songs we're great, melodic noise at it's best. They put out on their tumblr page that they're not a nice band, their songs aren't nice. "The songs might be melodic, but they are not nice, and fuck you all." But I have to say, sorry guys, this is totally lovely noise.. And they're funny guys anyway.
I have to expand my year-end-top-three to top-five, 'cause these guys need a place somewhere in the first ones.






Fake Shakes - Demo

Now I will pay for every single bad word I wrote about your band before, because here is our band's demo. 

We're a punk band from Budapest, we all have (had actually) other bands, that played a lot of shows together, so we became good friends, and blabla.. so, I have wanted to play a band like this for years, because this is how I like to define pop-punk. In my word it means punk kids playing sad but heart-warmer music with raw vocals and with punk attitude. Without any fancy stuff. So thanks for the guys that they letting me be a part of this band. It's hard to write anything about your kid, but I'm proud to be part of this record. 

We will release this on cd and tape. If you are interested in helping to release it somewhere, somehow, just drop me a mail.





Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm - Az erdőnek füle van, a mezőnek szeme van

What a bunch of records, the ones I was looking forward to the most. As I wrote in the last post, I expect another much awaited record to be released this spring. Here it is. Who Sows Violence Reaps Storms' demo was my favourite Hungarian record last year and "Az erdőnek füle van, a mezőnek szeme van" (The Forest has an ear the field has an eye) LP could easily be my fav this year. They still have the amazing things in their music: anger with raw, darkish athmosphere, cold, fast and killer tunes with smart lyrics. (the lyrics are in Hungarian, but you can read them in english as well in the downloaded folder). I can say they've progressed a lot since their demo and have set the bar very high with this album. 2012 is a great year for hungarian hardcore/punk so far.
Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm is a killer band, do not miss to listening to this record or to see them play.





Kemény Henrik - S/T

Yes, finally Kemény Henriks' demo is here. It was worth waiting for it, what these guys (with the helping hands of Daniel Husayn) made is awesome. Another awaited Hungarian record and another record for the end-of-the-year top three. Only one place left, haha, and I have one more very much awaited record for the spring, but I hope there will be more suprises too. So, back to the guys: I can clearly remember the moment (although my mind was not that clear) when I saw them play at a rehearsal room show and they played the track called "három". In the middle of that song there is a muted guitar riff, and when they reached that part of the song, and they played it, I just realised that Kemény Henrik is a great band. That moment was just like a magic comet or something. And when I listened to this record first time I re-lived the experience, and the songs before that song made me sure that nowadays they are one of the best bands within our borders. So let me teach you a Hungarian word, "vagány". You will know what it means, just listen to this record.

Hot Snakes, Lifetime, Red Dons





Cöldlook - S/T

My good friend, Rédi told me that he will start a one-man-noisy-singer-songwriter project, because his band is so inactive. I knew that his project would be great because he likes awesome bands, good jokes, beer and hates the new tom gabel and this could only turn out fine. He made some shows alone, but later he told me that his project had become a full band with two friends of his. I was really exciting to see them live, but I haven’t been able to do yet, only on youtube, haha.
Finally here's their first record, an S/T LP with 8 awesome songs and an intro. My buddy didn’t disappoint me, as he mixed his best influences and put this on the table. I love this darkish atmosphere of punk-rock which they do at it's best. Great, smart and very honest desperate lyrics with folk punk based hardcorepunk/powerviolence/post-punk tunes.
This was one of the most awaited Hungarian records for me, now I'm sure it is going to be in my top three at the end of the year.
About two weeks ago my good friend, Rédi told me again that he would start a one-man-noisy-singer-songwriter project..

Breathe In, (Young) Pioneers





Puszta - II.

Pusztas' second record was released last year but it's just available to listen and download.

Puszta is flagged as the angriest hungarian punk band (by themselves). I read the same about Rakosi earlier, and I'm agree with this more. But this doesn't matter. Both bands are angry and good (and so inactive). It's a little bit funny, because somewhere someone said that Puszta copies Rakosi. Who cares, maybe they do maybe not. The formula is the same: fast and angry hardcore punk songs about the bitterness of the ordanary people. Puszta do it more emotional in their lyrics, but still with the pure rawness in their music and this turns out great.

old Ceremony, MK Ultra





Lömbihead - Aszkéta halála

Lömbihead is a budapest based punk band. Their music is inspired by beers and cigarettes and boring life. This is the first "official" Lömbihead record (besides the demo), which means they were lazy to finish their last one. And this is their last as well, as their last show will be this Sunday. The members will continue playing in bands called Románia and Szextank. Románia released an LP this week, but I was lazy to put it out (because I don't like it that much). Szextanks have a secret demo, but they will record their first real demo in some weeks.



I'm pleased to inform you that a good friend of ours writes for MRR nowadays. Mostly about the atmosphere of punk as a middle-east european. He wrote 2 articles so far, you can read them on his blog. Arrogant punks and hardcore kids in hotel rooms, watch your back:

The newest one, from the new issue of Maximumrockandroll (#347)

The older posts are worth to read of course. Older zines, hungarian scene report, all of them in english language.



Gyalázat - Utópia vagy valóság

Beautiful soundtrack for going to work in the morning. Even if it's spring.

Gyalázat is a crust/grindpunk band from Győr. I was sure that this band doesn't exist anymore but they have a new singer and now here's their new ep. The music doesn't changed: Fast, raw d-beat hardcorepunk with simple lyrics about the problems of the modern society. I like personal lyrics more but it's a fact that this type of lyrics fit better to this music. This forms an explosive mixture. The records' sound quality is awesome, as I know it was recorded in the drummer guys' home studio. Killer record, a must-have for fans of aggressive punk music.

Wolfbrigade, Discharge, Nausea





Pay My Milk - Nospanishwax

The Gárda took my baby away.

Pay My Milk is a 4 piece band from Budapest. I just wrote band, because I can't really find the right word to their music. I'm suck in this anyway. It is as if when Descendents and Hüsker Dü members grew up together on Ramones records in a nice neighboorhood without considerable frustration. (actually, in the first song is a riff from hüsker dü's in a free land, hehe)
I saw them 2-3 times, they were okay, but nothing more, usually they played with an another band we wanted to see. I like this record, so I'll pay more attention to them, I'm really curious to some of these songs in live.
The timing was perfect, it's a great record for the first day of the spring. The right word for me for this record is not "awesome", it's rather "enjoyable". It's just a catchy pop/punk/alternative stuff, as it should be, not that modern 'defend poppunk' shit.
ps: I can't miss the fact that the guitarist guy played on bass in two of my three all time favoutite hungarian punk bands: hátsó szándék and redlineoffside.

Dag Nasty, Husker Dü, Jawbreaker





Kemény Henrik preview

Melodic punk with Hot Snakes, Haram and Lifetime in their veins.
This project is currently under mixing by Daniel Husayn. Ya know, that cool dude with glasses from Red Dons, check out his blog too:


Fuseism - Downloading Is Freedom

Yeah I know, I was a bit too lazy these months to take care about the blog. But Buda dude did a great job, so what?

Anyway, here is a new clip from my band, Fuseism. It's also a preview from our new upcoming two songs EP.



The Past

As you probably know this blog pays attention to new hungarian punk related records and bands. If you are interested about old hungarian stuff, visit this blog (written in english as well)

The late 70's and the 80's was a very interesting period, during the dark, fucked up, dictatorical socialism.


Liberal Youth - Mindenki nézi, senki sem látja (2011)

Ivans' first post about his homies, Liberal Youth.

As I know Liberal Youth wasn’t here before, so first of all I should write some info about them: The band was formed in 1995 at Szombathely and they are still one of the most significant old school hardcore bands of the SCHC community. They broke up at 1999 but after couple of years of years they reformed with some new members. We had to wait for 6 years for this new record which was released in the end of 2011 with 9 new songs. The sound quality has a lot of critisicm (rehearsal room record) but I think it’s okay and it's fits to the genre. The bigger problem for me are the songs. They’re not as good as the last record called „Pénzért haszonért”. Of course the new record also include some great songs, like „Senkitol nem kell semmi” , „Bármit teszel” or „Ki a mélybol” and you can find punkish, harder hardcore songs and fastcore song as well, so this isn't a boring stuff, just simply not as good as the last one. You should see them live, because the records can’t represent the real power of Liberal Youth.
Ps: I miss the old drummer, Kei from the band who is probably th ebest drummer of hungary.

97A, Warzone, Rain On The Parade

WEB: (magyar)




Cvlt of Grace - S/T

Brand new band from South-West Hungary.

As I know this band was formed by the members of New Direction, a band which mostly played covers of older hardcore bands' songs. Honestly, when I heard about Cvlt of Grace first time and I watched their video I put them down as a hipster-screamo-hardcore band. Why hipster? Because of the word "cvlt" and the layout of their profile with those fucking triangles. I hope they won't draw upside-down crosses everywhere. I'm just fed up with these fashionable symbols. But their songs are good. Really. So much better than their "image". I hope they will drop this bullshit they built around themselves and they'll be just a great darkish hardcore band. They won't be my new favourite, but they've really exceeded my expactations.

Blacklisted, Rise & Fall mixed with I Adapt





PFA / New Dead Project split

PFA weekend continues.

Here is a split record with an another great hungarian band, New Dead Project. Released by the allmigthy Dzsukhell Rekords. This is an unusual record, that specializes in both bands put a long song on it.
PFA's "Oar" is one of their best songs from 2011 split sessions. A 9 minute long mix of fast trashpunk, mindfucker slow melodies, poppunk riffs, some old school black metal and cathartic heartbraker deep sounds. All the things which ones made PFA great so far.
New Dead Project is a Budapest based modern hardcore/punk band, they are really active members of the hungarian punk scene. With their song "Két nap az élet" (Life is two days) they found the way back to their old(er) sound, somewhere between the demo and the first full lenght. I liked these albums much more than the later/last one so I like this song as well. Nothing more but fine modern hardcore/punk from the heart.


PFA - A Cloud of Fat Insects EP

Prepare yourself for the PFA weekend. Firstly, here is their newest record, called "A Cloud of Fat Insects". It will be released on tape by Blastbead Worship.

PFA is a four-piece fast-punk band from Veszprém County (Budapest-based nowadays).
After a long time and a lot of split relesases finally they put out an EP. It isn't the usual thing: Besides the regular short songs here are two chaotic jams. Okay, they have some jams like these on their latest split records but I thought these are just some kind of jokes (you will see in the next posts). Maybe they are, but then it's too much. Even they aren't it's too much for me. So, I like PFA's angry and fast songs (and some mindfuckers from the slower ones). They have two on this tape, so it's worth to download.

97A, Bad Brains, Sonny Rollins





V/A - A year of hungarian hardcore/punk/whatever scene (2011)

So, this is my compilation of my favurite songs of hungarian harcore/punk/whatever bands from the last year. Best 17 songs from best 16 records. You can find all the info and download links in the info file, so if you like a song, you can easily find the whole record or the contact to the band.