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Cöldlook - S/T

My good friend, Rédi told me that he will start a one-man-noisy-singer-songwriter project, because his band is so inactive. I knew that his project would be great because he likes awesome bands, good jokes, beer and hates the new tom gabel and this could only turn out fine. He made some shows alone, but later he told me that his project had become a full band with two friends of his. I was really exciting to see them live, but I haven’t been able to do yet, only on youtube, haha.
Finally here's their first record, an S/T LP with 8 awesome songs and an intro. My buddy didn’t disappoint me, as he mixed his best influences and put this on the table. I love this darkish atmosphere of punk-rock which they do at it's best. Great, smart and very honest desperate lyrics with folk punk based hardcorepunk/powerviolence/post-punk tunes.
This was one of the most awaited Hungarian records for me, now I'm sure it is going to be in my top three at the end of the year.
About two weeks ago my good friend, Rédi told me again that he would start a one-man-noisy-singer-songwriter project..

Breathe In, (Young) Pioneers




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