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Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm - Az erdőnek füle van, a mezőnek szeme van

What a bunch of records, the ones I was looking forward to the most. As I wrote in the last post, I expect another much awaited record to be released this spring. Here it is. Who Sows Violence Reaps Storms' demo was my favourite Hungarian record last year and "Az erdőnek füle van, a mezőnek szeme van" (The Forest has an ear the field has an eye) LP could easily be my fav this year. They still have the amazing things in their music: anger with raw, darkish athmosphere, cold, fast and killer tunes with smart lyrics. (the lyrics are in Hungarian, but you can read them in english as well in the downloaded folder). I can say they've progressed a lot since their demo and have set the bar very high with this album. 2012 is a great year for hungarian hardcore/punk so far.
Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm is a killer band, do not miss to listening to this record or to see them play.





  1. na menj a picsába! mondtam, hogy ők az enyémek!

    1. Ahhoz korábban kell felkelned haver! (vagyis pontosabban később lefeküdnöd:-)