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Puszta - II.

Pusztas' second record was released last year but it's just available to listen and download.

Puszta is flagged as the angriest hungarian punk band (by themselves). I read the same about Rakosi earlier, and I'm agree with this more. But this doesn't matter. Both bands are angry and good (and so inactive). It's a little bit funny, because somewhere someone said that Puszta copies Rakosi. Who cares, maybe they do maybe not. The formula is the same: fast and angry hardcore punk songs about the bitterness of the ordanary people. Puszta do it more emotional in their lyrics, but still with the pure rawness in their music and this turns out great.

old Ceremony, MK Ultra





Lömbihead - Aszkéta halála

Lömbihead is a budapest based punk band. Their music is inspired by beers and cigarettes and boring life. This is the first "official" Lömbihead record (besides the demo), which means they were lazy to finish their last one. And this is their last as well, as their last show will be this Sunday. The members will continue playing in bands called Románia and Szextank. Románia released an LP this week, but I was lazy to put it out (because I don't like it that much). Szextanks have a secret demo, but they will record their first real demo in some weeks.



I'm pleased to inform you that a good friend of ours writes for MRR nowadays. Mostly about the atmosphere of punk as a middle-east european. He wrote 2 articles so far, you can read them on his blog. Arrogant punks and hardcore kids in hotel rooms, watch your back:

The newest one, from the new issue of Maximumrockandroll (#347)

The older posts are worth to read of course. Older zines, hungarian scene report, all of them in english language.



Gyalázat - Utópia vagy valóság

Beautiful soundtrack for going to work in the morning. Even if it's spring.

Gyalázat is a crust/grindpunk band from Győr. I was sure that this band doesn't exist anymore but they have a new singer and now here's their new ep. The music doesn't changed: Fast, raw d-beat hardcorepunk with simple lyrics about the problems of the modern society. I like personal lyrics more but it's a fact that this type of lyrics fit better to this music. This forms an explosive mixture. The records' sound quality is awesome, as I know it was recorded in the drummer guys' home studio. Killer record, a must-have for fans of aggressive punk music.

Wolfbrigade, Discharge, Nausea





Pay My Milk - Nospanishwax

The Gárda took my baby away.

Pay My Milk is a 4 piece band from Budapest. I just wrote band, because I can't really find the right word to their music. I'm suck in this anyway. It is as if when Descendents and Hüsker Dü members grew up together on Ramones records in a nice neighboorhood without considerable frustration. (actually, in the first song is a riff from hüsker dü's in a free land, hehe)
I saw them 2-3 times, they were okay, but nothing more, usually they played with an another band we wanted to see. I like this record, so I'll pay more attention to them, I'm really curious to some of these songs in live.
The timing was perfect, it's a great record for the first day of the spring. The right word for me for this record is not "awesome", it's rather "enjoyable". It's just a catchy pop/punk/alternative stuff, as it should be, not that modern 'defend poppunk' shit.
ps: I can't miss the fact that the guitarist guy played on bass in two of my three all time favoutite hungarian punk bands: hátsó szándék and redlineoffside.

Dag Nasty, Husker Dü, Jawbreaker