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Wroongg! - Demo

A new project band, from the west part of Hungary with members of old hardcore bands like Liberal Youth (still active) and United Side. At first hearing it reminded me to Turning Point, but I'm not really into this type of hardcore punk, but I do like TP and Wroongg!

Wroongg! myspace:

01 - Same old shit
02 - Respect
03 - Choose your death
04 - Time will fuck you
05 - Calderon
06 - Animal Welfare (cover)



Suicide Pride - Halva Született Álmok (Still-birth Dreams)

Here is the brand new record of one of the best hungarian hardcore bands, Suicide Pride. I don't wanna' write boring infos, you can find everything on their myspace. So if you like modern metallic hardcore (not that metacore shit), download it and start destroying your dreams and your room. They'll go to an european tour in october. Catch them and give them a beer or two - and buy this record from Pizza Days Records.

Suicide Pride myspace:

01 - Intro
02 - Zuhanás
03 - Egyedül
04 - Mizantróp
05 - A véget nem érő út
06 - Gyenge remény
07 - Mindörökké
08 - A félelem tart ébren



Mind Your Step - 15 Songs of The Frustration

Here is MYS dudes' new record with a Betercore, Something Against You (which was my favourite hungarian band) and a Bones Brigade cover. 15 songs -as the title says -with az epic outro. I'm not a big fan of hungarian thrashy' punk, but I like these guys very much. They can Party! This record released by Pizza Day Records.

Mind Your Step myspace:

01 - Pigs
02 - Elit Smugs
03 - Summer Day '82
04 - Fuck Your Pride (Betercore)
05 - Underestimated
06 - You Are Right
07 - Break Out
08 - Redneck & The ATM
09 - Could This Picture Be Perpetual (Something Against You)
10 - Explanation
11 - The Same Shit
12 - Nightmare
13 - Thrashin' U.S.A. (Bones Brigade)
14 - Words of Tornment
15 - The Last Breath (Outro)



News Soon!

I have some news to upload in the nearest future! But 'till then watch these things:

You can read about hungarian hardcore/punk in english:

Check the newest Skizo zine, you can find some stuff about our country in english as well. (interviews, reviews ...etc):

So, se you sooon, punx.