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Positive Mind - Self Titled

This band is also from Veszprém County, they are the representatives of old-school hardcore here. I am not a big fan of o.s.h.c. but they do it with passion and it's so respectable. So i am happy to put up them here. And of course they are nice guys.

Positive Mind blog:

01 - Intro
02 - Név Nélkül
03 - Igazi Színek
04 - Döntések
05 - Mindaz Amit Tesztek
06 - Kényszerképzet
07 - Kevés
08 - Walk Together
09 - Outro


Videos - Bands without records

There are two new bands who haven't got records yet. Both bands are from Szeged or as they call it, Szöged. And both bands have same members with Rákosi. You know, the angriest magyars.

Kemény Henrik - live @ Budapest, 2011. 05. 30. (first show)

Imperial Spies
- live @ Budapest, 2011. 05. 30.


Larry Kubiac - Blood Constellation

Do you remember Larry from Parker Lewis Can't Lose? Yeah, they are as tough as Larry was. Maybe a bit too tough for my taste, but damn, I like these guys.

Larry Kubiac page:

01 - Overrun
02 - Setback
03 - Hate the Seductive
04 - The Upper Ten
05 - Not Our War
06 - Rich Kids Playing Revolution
07 - Backwardness
08 - Plaugerinders
09 - Force to Buy
10 - Blood Constellation
11 - Bonus Track



Discriminated - 426 words for you

Fast and fucked up kids from Veszprém County are back! Here is their second record. This one is faster, shorter, louder.

Discriminated myspace:

01 - Intro
02 - Rats Leave the Sinking ship
03 - Tumbleweed
04 - Church of Greed
05 - Anxiety
06 - Mean Streets
07 - Never Mind the Man Behind the Curtain
08 - Shit City
09 - Doomsday



Öt Percünk Maradt / Look, It's a Giraffe! split

A rare thing: I don't know the members of these bands! I just found them on youtube and they are great. They are two hardcore/punk bands wih some screamo influences and poetic lyrics from North-East Hungary. I hope I will hear about them soon again. This split is a very new release, get it!

Öt Percünk Maradt page:
Look, It's a Giraffe page:

Look, It's a Giraffes' part:
01 - Postcards from Halloween
02 - William eventually Saw the Sailboat
03 - Never Dreamed About You'd Leave in Summer

Öt Percünk Maradts' part:
01 - Tüzijáték
02 - Háromra Mindenki Meztelen
03 - Vizigót Vasárnapok (Rettegett Iván Cover)


Wolf Shaped Clouds - Demo

The best (and the only) hungarian screamo band with good punk attitude. Okay, not the only but they are a bit different from Libido Wins. Awesome guitar riffs and fucked up shouting, who needs more?

WSC page:

01 - Rotting Sea
02 - Sleepless Dreams
03 - Remember the Ghost
04 - Commencement
05 - Howard Zinn