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Öt Percünk Maradt / Look, It's a Giraffe! split

A rare thing: I don't know the members of these bands! I just found them on youtube and they are great. They are two hardcore/punk bands wih some screamo influences and poetic lyrics from North-East Hungary. I hope I will hear about them soon again. This split is a very new release, get it!

Öt Percünk Maradt page:
Look, It's a Giraffe page:

Look, It's a Giraffes' part:
01 - Postcards from Halloween
02 - William eventually Saw the Sailboat
03 - Never Dreamed About You'd Leave in Summer

Öt Percünk Maradts' part:
01 - Tüzijáték
02 - Háromra Mindenki Meztelen
03 - Vizigót Vasárnapok (Rettegett Iván Cover)


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