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Piss Crystals - Harn-Chemikalien wunderbare Gedichten 1. (demo)

Yeah, I was lazy during the summer. I'm still lazy, but I will post some new records. Maybe less than before, because as I plan I will write about only my favourite ones. 

Last year with my probably-dead band we had our probably-best long weekend with some great hungarian bands in East-Hungary. Those were the first two shows of these guys. They played something space-acid-punk-rock on some cheap pedals. I really couldn't identify what I see/hear, but I liked it. Later a bass player joined them (who's a very good friend of mine and also the bass player in our band I mentinoned before) and they started to play the same songs from show to show. (against their original plan, as they'll play new songs on every show). And those songs we're great, melodic noise at it's best. They put out on their tumblr page that they're not a nice band, their songs aren't nice. "The songs might be melodic, but they are not nice, and fuck you all." But I have to say, sorry guys, this is totally lovely noise.. And they're funny guys anyway.
I have to expand my year-end-top-three to top-five, 'cause these guys need a place somewhere in the first ones.