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CAMP KOALA - Why Art? (2016)

Camp Koala is a trio (well, a quartett soon) from Budapest. I can't miss to mention that the members also playing/played in Fuseism, Girls Say Yes and Mayberian Sanskülotts.
After a great demo and a split tape, Why Art? is their first full length. Ok, let me argue on this a bit, because there are only 2 new songs on the record, and there are also some from the demo and the split tape. (It remembers me how sad I was when Neon Piss released their LP with reused songs). However, the songs are good, influenced by Dischord bands, Revolution Summer and Riot Grrrl sound (bands they also like to mention: Polvo, Meat Puppets, Navio Forge, Please Inform The Captian This Is A Hijack, Cat Power, Bikini Kill, Hüsker Dü ..etc). Basically it's sounds like punks playing catchy, noisy, mainly sad pop song, with lyrics heavy influenced by politics, mainly feminism and sexism. They are a very active band, playing a bunch of shows, touring, making videos and fazines. So, Why Art? is 8 songs, came out on tape via Normafa Records. Ah, and there are 2 remixes which I don't really like and feel a bit superfluous, but whatever.

The band is performing "Warm" at Wave Record Store in april 2016:

BEROSSZULÁS - Pszichopata (Új Élet cover)

Another preview from the cover compilation record which will focus on the 80's hungarian punk/hardcore bands. The compilation will be out soon on El Bastardo Records, the title will be "Egy dicső nemzet kifordult gyomra" (Twisted stomatch of a glorious nation). This is an Új Élet cover from Berosszulás.

ÖNKIIRTÁS - S/T (2016)

Önkiirtás is one of the newest band from Szombathely. As Szombathely is a great hotbed of new noises and a lot of great bands comes form that practice room where 8-10 guys play music in 8-10 bands (ok, almost) they have members from other bands, like Youth Violence, Gross Out, Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm ...etc. Their demo was also a killer one, but these 4 new songs are even better. Rigid, cold blooded hardcore with heavy, knife-to-the-bone riffs and smart, massy lyrics.

This record is out on 7". Get yours from Permaculture Records (if you prefer skin-punks) or from Mindig otthon punk discs (if you prefer raging bookworms) or directly from the band. Awesome cover artwork is made by Anna Mészáros.

If you are in Hungary in the beginning of june, release shows will be at Budapest (3rd) and Szeged (4th).

Önkiirtás / picture by Tamas Bernath


FAKE SHAKES - 80's hungarian punk cover compilation preview

Fake Shakes (which is my band, sorry for the shameless self promo) is recorded a cover song from a hungarian punk band called Rettegett Iván for a compilation which focuses on the 80's hungarian punk/hardcore bands. The compilation will be out soon on El Bastardo Records, The title will be "Egy dicső nemzet kifordult gyomra" (Twisted stomatch of a glorious nation). Of course if the full compilation will be available, I'll post it here.

ORBÁN NÉPE documentary (2016)

This blog was on hiatus then, but as I informed you in the returning post, last year four of the bests hungarian hardcore/punk bands (Norms/Rákosi/Youth Violece/Diskobra) released an LP called "Orbán népe" (means: people of Orbán).

"Actually, this could be our "Rock against Bush", because the main theme of the record is our shitty prime minister, Viktor Orbán and the athmosphere of Hungary today (aligning itself with the communist era of the county, between the sixties and the nineties). Of course it is way better than Rock against Bush." as I wrote back then.

Now we have a short documentary (made for a school project), which presents the situation of the hungarian punk scene and the situation of hungarian people nowadays, through these bands. English subtitles are available, you just need to click on the right icon I guess.

you can listen to the actual record here:

The documentary:

PASSIVISTS - Late again (2016)

Passivists is also from Szeged, with the members of (a lot of) other bands from that area. One of the most interesting bands from that buzzing scene. Their music is great mixture of things which are good in hardcore-punk: On one hand it is fast and simple but on the other hand it is smart and filled with catchy riffs, but te biggset charm of this demo is the enthusiastism, what creates great athmosphere around the band. The first band which came into my mind was Lumber Lung when I listened to them. 

I was really looking forward this demo, as their first video from their first show came out like 3 years ago. Just in time! If you are in Budapest for the summer, you can check them out on this show with Snob (uk), Nachhexen (uk), Rákosi and more.

Passivists @ Budapest, Müszi

ARGUMENT CLINIC - Argument Is An Intellectual Process (2016)

Argument Clinic is a one of the biggest child from the hot nest of Szeged, Hungary. They had some lineup changes since the last record, and their music is evolved as well. They are still walking on catchy melodies, but those melodies are more melancholic than ever. Pop-punk riffs became more post punkish, like if the Marked Men would start to cover Hot Snakes songs (or vica versa). Perfect fit for these boring, gray spring days. 5 new songs including a great Grauzone cover.


the band is doing band things

Live stuff:


HERION - Demo (2016)

Herion is Budapest's newest defekt punks related band, with members of Wryness, Pigpride, Zen Fascists and so on. One word comes into my mind about their music: Smart. I know it sounds boring, but it is not forced or overplayed or something like this: In one hand it's fast, raw, but on the other hand it is melodic and post-punkish, great mix of things which are good in punk. Also good thing that the guitarist has his own sound and style (ok, not that unique, but I like it very much), and because of this fact, Herion remembers me to his other, practically dead band, Wryness, which is one of my fav hungarian bands. They just had their first show yesterday, was good and then was fun talking about midlife problems and pleasures with the guitarist on the night bus.




Another trio from Budapest's so called defect scene, formed by the members of Norms, Chappai Ai, Mt. Kaliash, Piss Crystals and many more. Berosszulás plays very simple raging noise-punk, but by their own words their music is that simple that sometimes is just black metal. Think bands like Hoax or Lowest Form. They had a demo tape so far, released by Szégyen kazetták, this EP with 8 new songs is released on 7" by Pizza Days records tomorrow. Budapest dudes, you can grap your copy at this show. Others can order it from the label or from the band. Stop doing drugs if you can't enjoy it's benefits!



PISS CRYSTALS - Túl nagy felelősség (2016)

Piss Crystals is a freaky trio from Budapest's filthiest practice room facility, where a lot of strange music is born. Members are playing in other good bands like Norms, Berosszulás, the guitar player has like 1000 bands/projets. These bands also had some relases when the blog was inactive, definitely worth to check them out.

They have evolved a lot since their first demo, playing less cathcy riffs and partically leaving the concept of writing "songs". They just don't care. So if you do not really know what is happening that is fine. Seriously though, they are really just play what they want to play, along with stupid and funny ideas and a bunch of noise of course. I know it sounds a silly cliche, but this time it's really true. Very long progrock jams under the big infuence of shitty hungarian classic rock music, only a few - but great - catchy punk riffs, creating this strange swamp-of-noise sound, and the added distorded shouting results a really good mix for dance in your room or at a not too crowded house party.

This record will be out on tape by Szégyen kazetták.

the band in Antwerpen

I had the opportunity to tour with them two times in europe, this video was recorded in Antwerp.