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CAMP KOALA - Why Art? (2016)

Camp Koala is a trio (well, a quartett soon) from Budapest. I can't miss to mention that the members also playing/played in Fuseism, Girls Say Yes and Mayberian Sanskülotts.
After a great demo and a split tape, Why Art? is their first full length. Ok, let me argue on this a bit, because there are only 2 new songs on the record, and there are also some from the demo and the split tape. (It remembers me how sad I was when Neon Piss released their LP with reused songs). However, the songs are good, influenced by Dischord bands, Revolution Summer and Riot Grrrl sound (bands they also like to mention: Polvo, Meat Puppets, Navio Forge, Please Inform The Captian This Is A Hijack, Cat Power, Bikini Kill, Hüsker Dü ..etc). Basically it's sounds like punks playing catchy, noisy, mainly sad pop song, with lyrics heavy influenced by politics, mainly feminism and sexism. They are a very active band, playing a bunch of shows, touring, making videos and fazines. So, Why Art? is 8 songs, came out on tape via Normafa Records. Ah, and there are 2 remixes which I don't really like and feel a bit superfluous, but whatever.

The band is performing "Warm" at Wave Record Store in april 2016: