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ÖNKIIRTÁS - S/T (2016)

Önkiirtás is one of the newest band from Szombathely. As Szombathely is a great hotbed of new noises and a lot of great bands comes form that practice room where 8-10 guys play music in 8-10 bands (ok, almost) they have members from other bands, like Youth Violence, Gross Out, Who Sows Violence Reaps Storm ...etc. Their demo was also a killer one, but these 4 new songs are even better. Rigid, cold blooded hardcore with heavy, knife-to-the-bone riffs and smart, massy lyrics.

This record is out on 7". Get yours from Permaculture Records (if you prefer skin-punks) or from Mindig otthon punk discs (if you prefer raging bookworms) or directly from the band. Awesome cover artwork is made by Anna Mészáros.

If you are in Hungary in the beginning of june, release shows will be at Budapest (3rd) and Szeged (4th).

Önkiirtás / picture by Tamas Bernath

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