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ORBÁN NÉPE documentary (2016)

This blog was on hiatus then, but as I informed you in the returning post, last year four of the bests hungarian hardcore/punk bands (Norms/Rákosi/Youth Violece/Diskobra) released an LP called "Orbán népe" (means: people of Orbán).

"Actually, this could be our "Rock against Bush", because the main theme of the record is our shitty prime minister, Viktor Orbán and the athmosphere of Hungary today (aligning itself with the communist era of the county, between the sixties and the nineties). Of course it is way better than Rock against Bush." as I wrote back then.

Now we have a short documentary (made for a school project), which presents the situation of the hungarian punk scene and the situation of hungarian people nowadays, through these bands. English subtitles are available, you just need to click on the right icon I guess.

you can listen to the actual record here:

The documentary:

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