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Spark - Magnets & Lullabies

My favourite serbianhungarian band have a new EP! They have a break now, but I hope they will play shows again, 'cause they really can make me dance on their shows. This stuff is noisy, dirty, fast and filled with rage mixed with many positive energy.

(photo: Ági Vörös)

01 - Magnets
02 - ...Should You
03 - No sleep 'till september
04 - ...Should I
05 - Conclusion
06 - Loose Ends


Youth Violence - Demo I.

This a brand new band's first demo tape. 3 angry guys from the west side of the country play fast hardcore/punk mixed with loud and harsh slow parts. The singer/guitarist is also the member of Suicide Pride and Mind Your Step and runs the almighty Pizza Days Records. Their first show was more than OK.

Youth Violence page:

01 - Válaszút előtt
02 - Nem érdekelsz
03 - Omló falak között
04 - Szabadság
05 - Végtelen utak
06 - Közöny
07 - Lassú halál



Ninpulators - Demo II

Another half of Something Against You is here with Balazs Pandi behind the drums. They just arrived back from their eu tour with Rákosi. This demo released on the first date of tour in my hometown - fuck yea. They play simple fuckedup hardcorepunk with great lyrics. Enjoy!

Ninpulators myspace:

01 - Lust under cover
02 - Scene 84'
03 - Deorganized dudes
04 - Még mindig ez
05 - Jó vicc
06 - Halálkultusz
07 - Gyilkos állam, gyilkos szar
08 - Ghost Costume



Plan Beer - Séta

This is my band's brand new EP. We recorded it in our singer's house in july. 6 songs, including a Marina Revue cover. I really can't say anything about our music. We just want to do it as hard as we can. Lyrics are about walking home drunk at the dawn, hating middle-core punks and people and searching for the cheap escapes.

Plan Beer myspace:

01 - Intro / Szellem
02 - Séta
03 - Elvtelenség
04 - Jelentéktelen
05 - Őrizd a békét (Marina Revue)
06 - Múlt, Jelen, Jövő



Young Arsenal - Demo

Another all star project band, with members of Formyfriends, Fuseism, and Karak. 3 guys, 3 vocals, awesome guitar voice. (The guitarist guy loves Adorno, End of a Year, and these type of indie/hardcorepunk bands, heh) Hungarian songs about emotional side of being homeless or a comsumer working class hero without any hope. My new favourite.

Young Arsenal page:

01 - Politikai bűntársak
02 - Epikus szublimáció
03 - Mindenki maradjon a helyén
04 - Fedél nélkül
05 - Nemzeti vízfej
06 - Csinovnyiki csendélet


Rákosi - II.

The angriest "magyars" are back! They are still hard and raw. That's all. Rákosi before on the blog.

Rákosi myspace:

01 - Olaszliszka
02 - Kaparósok
03 - Politikusok
04 - Hogy jutottunk idáig
05 - Pusztulunk, gurulunk
06 - Csoki felmond
07 - Morvai és Vona
08 - Digép
09 - Zsolti



Wroongg! - Demo

A new project band, from the west part of Hungary with members of old hardcore bands like Liberal Youth (still active) and United Side. At first hearing it reminded me to Turning Point, but I'm not really into this type of hardcore punk, but I do like TP and Wroongg!

Wroongg! myspace:

01 - Same old shit
02 - Respect
03 - Choose your death
04 - Time will fuck you
05 - Calderon
06 - Animal Welfare (cover)



Suicide Pride - Halva Született Álmok (Still-birth Dreams)

Here is the brand new record of one of the best hungarian hardcore bands, Suicide Pride. I don't wanna' write boring infos, you can find everything on their myspace. So if you like modern metallic hardcore (not that metacore shit), download it and start destroying your dreams and your room. They'll go to an european tour in october. Catch them and give them a beer or two - and buy this record from Pizza Days Records.

Suicide Pride myspace:

01 - Intro
02 - Zuhanás
03 - Egyedül
04 - Mizantróp
05 - A véget nem érő út
06 - Gyenge remény
07 - Mindörökké
08 - A félelem tart ébren



Mind Your Step - 15 Songs of The Frustration

Here is MYS dudes' new record with a Betercore, Something Against You (which was my favourite hungarian band) and a Bones Brigade cover. 15 songs -as the title says -with az epic outro. I'm not a big fan of hungarian thrashy' punk, but I like these guys very much. They can Party! This record released by Pizza Day Records.

Mind Your Step myspace:

01 - Pigs
02 - Elit Smugs
03 - Summer Day '82
04 - Fuck Your Pride (Betercore)
05 - Underestimated
06 - You Are Right
07 - Break Out
08 - Redneck & The ATM
09 - Could This Picture Be Perpetual (Something Against You)
10 - Explanation
11 - The Same Shit
12 - Nightmare
13 - Thrashin' U.S.A. (Bones Brigade)
14 - Words of Tornment
15 - The Last Breath (Outro)



News Soon!

I have some news to upload in the nearest future! But 'till then watch these things:

You can read about hungarian hardcore/punk in english:

Check the newest Skizo zine, you can find some stuff about our country in english as well. (interviews, reviews ...etc):

So, se you sooon, punx.


Discriminated - Discriminated

Another fucked up teenage band, their first show was a week ago in my hometown, yeah. If you like fast parts of Kid Dynamite mixed with raw, fast punk from the 80'... -one two fuck you- let's download it!
If you want to support them, buy it on cd (picture below)! Write to discriminated(at)

Discriminated myspace:

01 - Manipulators
02 - Masquerade
03 - Believe in Yourself
04 - Sick and Tired
05 - Fossil Fuels
06 - Commit Suicide
07 - Carreerist People + bonus track


Semmi Komoly - Loss Fills The Air

The cursor is just flashing and i can't write anything from Semmi Komoly. I love them, one of the greatest hungarian bands. Underground version of old Rise Against and Anti-Flag, inspired by bands like Choking Victim and The Clash. Fast melodies, poignant guitar riffs and vocals with personal engish lyrics. Support them with buying their cd: skmarci(at)

Semmi Komoly myspace:

01 - Repression analysis
02 - Post war trauma
03 - Stolen moments
04 - Look into these eyes
05 - Loss fills the air
06 - The uncomfortable deathbed + bonus track



Kernel Panic - Almost Cheerful

Let me introduce Hungary's no. 1 (and maybe only one) female fronted emo/punk band. Emo, like Rites of Spring mixed with some great melancholic melody punk riffs so do not miss it! This new record has arrived finally, but no joy without annoy: It's gonna be released their last show today.

Kernel Panic myspace:

01 - Black Hole
02 - Above The City
03 - Mesterlövész
04 - Almost Cheerful



Rákosi in MRR #325

Hey, buy the newest MaximumRockandRoll issue. (#325 • June 2010)
You can read an interview with the great hungarian band, Rákosi.
Their killer demo record is available to download from here:
Or buy it on 7" (picture below) from the band:
rakosi.vipera.elvtars (AT)

And here is another thing from MRR:

UPDATE: these guys are in the "new band spotlight" this week.

(photo by tamas bernath)


Lömbihead video

Do you remember to Lömbihead? They are pretty good in live:

Lömbihead - 2 songs / secret show @ budapest on april 4th 2010


Libido Wins - The Outcasts of Outcasts

Hm, it's always hard to define their music, maybe the best definition is 'screamo' vocals with indie/punk music, something like American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost/Panic/Sex Positions.
This album was recorded last year, but it has been released recently. They deserve much more attention than they recieve. Maybe after this record. I hope.

Libido Wins myspace:

01 - Here's to the citizens of queerdom...
02 - False invocation for fallen poets
03 - The outcasts of outcasts
04 - Tabula rasa (the interlude)
05 - Past,present,future tenses are the same
06 - At 3 am we hang heads
07 - Sons, dreams, homes
08 - And here's to our never-ending goodbyes sent to them...



Fuseism - demo tape

Brand new band with the members of Säw, Think Again and Wormkids. Pretty good quality for a demo tape. If you like surfpunk and indiepunk riffs with sad lyrics 'from the heart, with the mind, through the soul' and chaotic but(and) great jams, well you will love this one.

Fuseism myspace:

01 - Believers of Fuseism - Kick out the Hungarian jam
02 - I saw the sea
03 - Ultrablast (interlude)
04 - Hero
05 - The way I do it
06 - Ultrablast # 2 (interlude)
07 - Emil Kraepelin


PFA / Plan Beer live video

This is not an another download post, i just want to demonstrate how cool I am: -ok i am not cool, but the situation was-.

the photo was taken in nancy @ soap box club's toilet on the pfa / plan beer euro tour. like this video from paris:


Dance or Die!!! - We'd rather be sleeping

Maybe the most powerful band in hungary. Good guys, good songs. This stuff is brand new as well. They just arrived from their european tour and now, here is the new lp. Emotional lyrics, fast melodies and some youth crust.
I woke up next to their naked drummer after a great night last year, haha. How? I dunno'.
Released by Kids Like Us Records:

Dance or Die!!! myspace:

01 - Intro (chaos set me free)
02 - Back to normal
03 - Inkább alszom
04 - I'm a hick
05 - Tánc
06 - Not guilty of nauseating
07 - I don't want my pills today
08 - Törés
09 - A múlt gyermeke
10 - Megemlékezés magamról
11 - Az önámítás kémiája



PFA - God Squats Us All

Ok. PFA. Number One friends, partners in crime. This is their brand new full length (17 songs in 10 minutes ...lenght, haha). This band is blasty, fast, stormy ..etc etc. Grab a bag of weed and listen to this chaotic sound.

01 - oracle
02 - black art
03 - spine
04 - fountain of youth
05 - willpower
06 - avalanche
07 - pink triangles
08 - closet ss
09 - vegetable soup
10 - radiation
11 - totem pole
12 - sea
13 - fence
14 - moon
15 - forest
16 - grave
17 - space


...we'll be on tour with PFA in april COME!:


Lömbihead - demo

We played a naked football match with these guys after our and their show last summer. Anyway, they play surf-post-punk music with hungarian lyrics. Download this demo and love them!

(photo by tamas bernath)

Lömbihead myspace:

01 Aszkéta vagyok
02 Atombomba
03 Az aszkéta bosszúja
04 Minden nő elvetél
05 Surfing Brain


Think Again - Unreachable

First download post. This band is a bit different from the ones I'm gonna post later, as they play hardcore with some metal riffs. But they are my friends and they're great - like the bands of the forthcoming posts. This stuff is brand new! Download, then buy it from here :

01 Can't Tread Me Down
02 Inheritable lost youth
03 The cobble where you spit is someone's home
04 Unreachable
05 The Last Prayer
06 Attacks and Defenses