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Libido Wins - The Outcasts of Outcasts

Hm, it's always hard to define their music, maybe the best definition is 'screamo' vocals with indie/punk music, something like American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost/Panic/Sex Positions.
This album was recorded last year, but it has been released recently. They deserve much more attention than they recieve. Maybe after this record. I hope.

Libido Wins myspace:

01 - Here's to the citizens of queerdom...
02 - False invocation for fallen poets
03 - The outcasts of outcasts
04 - Tabula rasa (the interlude)
05 - Past,present,future tenses are the same
06 - At 3 am we hang heads
07 - Sons, dreams, homes
08 - And here's to our never-ending goodbyes sent to them...


1 comment:

  1. I really love the type of this music I'll surely by some more album of this type. Though weird but unique,love this libido forever.