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HERION - Demo (2016)

Herion is Budapest's newest defekt punks related band, with members of Wryness, Pigpride, Zen Fascists and so on. One word comes into my mind about their music: Smart. I know it sounds boring, but it is not forced or overplayed or something like this: In one hand it's fast, raw, but on the other hand it is melodic and post-punkish, great mix of things which are good in punk. Also good thing that the guitarist has his own sound and style (ok, not that unique, but I like it very much), and because of this fact, Herion remembers me to his other, practically dead band, Wryness, which is one of my fav hungarian bands. They just had their first show yesterday, was good and then was fun talking about midlife problems and pleasures with the guitarist on the night bus.


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