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Pay My Milk - Nospanishwax

The Gárda took my baby away.

Pay My Milk is a 4 piece band from Budapest. I just wrote band, because I can't really find the right word to their music. I'm suck in this anyway. It is as if when Descendents and Hüsker Dü members grew up together on Ramones records in a nice neighboorhood without considerable frustration. (actually, in the first song is a riff from hüsker dü's in a free land, hehe)
I saw them 2-3 times, they were okay, but nothing more, usually they played with an another band we wanted to see. I like this record, so I'll pay more attention to them, I'm really curious to some of these songs in live.
The timing was perfect, it's a great record for the first day of the spring. The right word for me for this record is not "awesome", it's rather "enjoyable". It's just a catchy pop/punk/alternative stuff, as it should be, not that modern 'defend poppunk' shit.
ps: I can't miss the fact that the guitarist guy played on bass in two of my three all time favoutite hungarian punk bands: hátsó szándék and redlineoffside.

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