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Kemény Henrik - S/T

Yes, finally Kemény Henriks' demo is here. It was worth waiting for it, what these guys (with the helping hands of Daniel Husayn) made is awesome. Another awaited Hungarian record and another record for the end-of-the-year top three. Only one place left, haha, and I have one more very much awaited record for the spring, but I hope there will be more suprises too. So, back to the guys: I can clearly remember the moment (although my mind was not that clear) when I saw them play at a rehearsal room show and they played the track called "három". In the middle of that song there is a muted guitar riff, and when they reached that part of the song, and they played it, I just realised that Kemény Henrik is a great band. That moment was just like a magic comet or something. And when I listened to this record first time I re-lived the experience, and the songs before that song made me sure that nowadays they are one of the best bands within our borders. So let me teach you a Hungarian word, "vagány". You will know what it means, just listen to this record.

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