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Wryness - Senki se hallja EP (demo)

I fell behind with this record, sorry it took so long.

So, Wryness is a four-piece hardcore/punk band from Budapest, from the friend community called "defekt punks". Back in time, about a year ago they had a lame name called Tekken, and a different singer and drummer and guitarist. That was like, 'okay dudes, it's fine, but it won't be my favourite band or something I'll like that much'. After the singer and the guitarist guy left the band I thought that they would cease to exist. But they continued practices with some new members and few months ago when I was lying at our common practice room they had a rehearsal and what I heard was surprisingly goood.
It is a mix of raw fastcore, best moments of darkish hardcore punk and some post-punk riffs, but it's not an overplayed boring stuff so the upshot is a very simple and great punk record. If they take themselves a bit seriously (or will continue to do it) they'll be a band whose show I will go to and/or I'll ask them to play at shows organized by us.




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  1. imádom magamat ezen az alsó képen itt, ahogy énis beállok Wryness tagnak szemben a közönséggel, mint egy kibaszott STAR.