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Fanzine #1 - Neon Skinheads in Electric Wheelchairs

First of all: Since I was so lazy during the summer, I failed to post some records. To keep this blog updated, I won't dig back to those records that I failed to post here, I'll focus only on the new ones. The ones that I like. I'm planning to make a year-end compilation this year as well, so you will probably find some songs from the so far unposted records, too.

After this pathetic apology, here's something hot and exciting:
Two friends of mine made a fanzine together. They're flat-, band-, and soulmates, killing a lot of time together, sometimes with positive outcomes, like this zine' (or some tasty fried egg). As one of them (Ferenc) is very good at drawing, and the other guy (Viktor) likes to write, they put their best known abilities together into this fanzine: Ferenc made some great drawing and Viktor wrote his thoughts next to them. Simple concept, and the end result is simply honest and sometimes honestly disgusting. But what else could I write about my friend's fanzine. It's really great, killer truths about other guys’ girlfriends, about themselves, and the party killer comics are really weird, but they're funny when those situations come up. So, I just wanted to inform you about this awesome zine.

Here are some boring data:
96 pages / B5 size / printed / black&white / written in english
let them buy some pizza: vargyai.viktor[@]

you can check two pages here and here.



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