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PFA / New Dead Project split

PFA weekend continues.

Here is a split record with an another great hungarian band, New Dead Project. Released by the allmigthy Dzsukhell Rekords. This is an unusual record, that specializes in both bands put a long song on it.
PFA's "Oar" is one of their best songs from 2011 split sessions. A 9 minute long mix of fast trashpunk, mindfucker slow melodies, poppunk riffs, some old school black metal and cathartic heartbraker deep sounds. All the things which ones made PFA great so far.
New Dead Project is a Budapest based modern hardcore/punk band, they are really active members of the hungarian punk scene. With their song "Két nap az élet" (Life is two days) they found the way back to their old(er) sound, somewhere between the demo and the first full lenght. I liked these albums much more than the later/last one so I like this song as well. Nothing more but fine modern hardcore/punk from the heart.


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