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Diskobra - Diskobra

Diskobra is a one man project with some help on drums, but as I know it will be a full band in the future. What could I say about this record? If you heard fine d-beat crusty hardcorepunk before then you heard this one too. But I mean this on a positive way, you know, you'll get what you expect: short, raw punk songs about the bullshit around you day by day, between gray block of flats on the dark weekdays without any hope to escape. You know, just the basic things, haha. This is why this record is awesome. On the one hand you'll get what you expect, but this is what d-beat punk is all about. On the other hand this stuff stands out from the rest, well,  for me.
The 'brain' of this record could be familiar for you from the finest hungarian raw punk band Human Error. Suprising? So if you need some new anthems to sing (too bad for non-hungarians) or just shake your fists for some words you understand, or event just for the killer d-beat rhytm, here's what you need. Also good for the public transport on the way to your workplace - trust me, I've tried.



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