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Rivers Run Dry - Songs from the split w/ BØREDØM

Hungarys' darkest band. Any argument is invalid.

This record isn't new, but somehow I forgot to post it. Okay, I just did not want to fuck up their money machine business with the vinyls, haha. So, Rivers Run Dry is really our darkest band, but they are nice guys anyway. They had some europe tours from squat to squat and they are awesome in live. They are the first so-called neocrust band in hungary as I know. I like to call it dark punk, just for being simple and because thier lovely D.I.Y. attitude. I remember when I listened to this vinyl first time. It was dark in my room and the first sounds made me goose bumps all over my body. During this my room was getting more dark, haha. So this record has this awesome dark athmosphere, you should try it. This 12" is relesed by Dzsukhell Records, which is runned by Rivers Run Dry members. (This download link contents only Rivers Run Dry side of the record.)

His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise




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