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Level Up! - Csak mész előre

To be honest, I don't really like this band. I don't hate it, and don't think it fucking sucks but... I dunno, i gave them a lot of try and a I still feel the same. You know what it is? Nothing.

But anyway, that's my opinion about Level Up!'s music, you should give them a try too! Brain Records, a fairly new DIY record label released their latest album on CD. It's pretty catchy, just look at the picture, right?
Anyway, the music is.. well... it is trying to be fast and straightforward hardcore. Uh, it is fast, and it's also straightforward in their own way but... I dunno, I miss something from the whole picture which I found in my previous post with Hold On Through All. I can not really explain what but something is still missing. Don't get me wrong, it's still a honest hardcore band with passionate and enthusiastic members, and they are getting better from every album to another but... I dunno.
But hey! YOU should give them a try, at least one listening, cause maybe the problem is with me.

Champion, oldschool hardcore in general



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