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A Párt

I've been keeping contact with Szati for a long time ago now, and since then we always shared our artistic shits with each-other, weather it's design, comics or music. When he first send the demos of his band I thought they are "cute" but that's all. Well, I have to change my ideas, cause their latest album gave me some surprises.

I've got the CD right here with me, it's got a really nice look, I love it. Clear and simply while a bit blurry and fuzzy at the same time, brilliant. But what about the music? Well I tell you, it's great. I know you can't believe me cause last time I saw this band I said they were bad but hey, it's good. I mean really, the quality and the songs, they are all good, and what is important: it's more then listenable! I enjoyed it listening their gloomy tunes.

80's hungarian punk, art-punk, early Sonic Youth, Killing Joke



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