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Positive Mind - Demo II

An old school hardcore band bacame noisy. Exciting, isn't it?

I'm not really into traditional old schol hardcore bands, bacause usually their sound is to clean/chemically pure and the usual lyrics topics aren't fits for me. Positive Mind was one of these oshc bands I dont really listen to, but they are dudes so i liked them a bit. They did their work right, but not my style, you know. A week ago they had a show with their new singer and I was there. I was curious, because I knew the new singer guy, he singed well in a band called Think Again before (in their early years). Their show was great! The PA stuff was a little bit lame, so the vocal was noisy, the guitars had dirty sound and I liked it very much in that way. They lost their clean oshc sound and became a noisy hardcore band. And I'm glad because their new demo still sound like that, so maybe they will stay on this crusty, noisy way. Ohh, and the lyrics are so much better as well.

Mindset, Blacklisted ...and a little bit Tragedy.



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