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Hold On Through All - For Better Days

Yeah, some great old-school shit from north-Hungary, Miskolc! Somebody said that there are no more H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E. in Hungary. What the fuck dude, are you deaf? Listen to Hold On Through All!

Positvie mind, positive message, sometimes that's all we need. I remember the time when the scene was almost about this but now it's gone. I'm a bit sad about this but everything has to come to an end, but not for Hold On Through All!
This EP is out since march and nobody give a shit about it, why? It isn't that bad at all, in fact, it's pretty good.
If you are into "modern" youth crew, mixing with some rock elements and stuff, you gonna like this. Come on, give it a try! Don't worry, you can't download it, haha, so just listen them on their bandcamp site.

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