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Debt Trap

So you like obscurity? Check this post out, it's mainly about Debt Trap but I'll also mentioned another "band" later on.

Two dudes from The Tartuffe Plan are insane, they put out three REALLY LO-FI records in a few months since  August I guess. If they would make a record session with a cassette-dictaphone, Youth Attack would definitely put out a 7" from it.
I would love to see them live, cause their records are really interesting. They aren't good yet, but they will. I mean they've got the attitude, the balls and the creativity to do it. Hope they will release a good record really soon. Without a Red Line Offside cover. Cause. The. Last. One. Was. Sucks. Ass.
Until then, check out their latest album!

Vaccine, Sexdrome, Das Oath


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