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Fuseism - Keep Movin'

Hey, what's up everyone? It's me, Gäbriel, the new guy! I wanted to post something REALLY GREAT for my first post but I only got this shitty band. I mean my shitty band: Fuseism (ta-daaaa)

We play passionate "revolution summer like" punk with some shoegaze and noise elements, but I prefer to define our-self as "a punk band". We all share the passion of creating "things" in the band, from creating artworks through jamming to organizing shows. It's in our veins and we like it that way. We also like putting out records as fast as we can but take our time with the recording process at the same time, so we decide to switch from 6 or 8 songs albums to 2 songs EPs, and ta-daaa: here is our latest creaton. Next one is coming really soon.
By the way, full cover art included!

Embrace, One Last Wish, My Bloody Valentine, Fucked Up



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