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Blog is back

Hello again,

It seems that I have time and mood to share hungarian punk music again on this blog. Good bands had great releases while the blog was down, but I won't go back, just will posting about the new ones from now. If you think that I only can write positive things that is because I will only post my favourites.

Ok, of course there is an exception for the best hungarian album from last year called "Orbán népe" (means: people of Orbán), which is a 4-way split of Norms/Rákosi/Youth Violece/Diskobra, released on LP by Permaculture Records. Actually, this could be our "Rock against Bush", because the main theme of the record is our shitty prime minister, Viktor Orbán and the athmosphere of Hungary today (aligning itself with the communist era of the county, between the sixties and the nineties). Of course it is way better than Rock against Bush.

You still can buy it here:

...I guess there are some dead links on the older posts, send me an email if you need something from those.

oi oi

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